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COVID-19 PSAs for Live365 Broadcasters

Hey broadcasters!

As we've mentioned, during this coronavirus emergency, you might consider using your station as a vehicle for PSAs as well as COVID-19 updates and info. Since there is new information about the spread of the disease and the precautions that must be taken everyday, you might find that your station could be useful for providing local, national, or even international updates and info.

So, with that said, we're providing some 15 and 30 second PSAs, both in English and Spanish, for you to use on your station if you'd like. You can download the 15 and 30 second PSA MP3 files, which are contained in ZIP files, here:

15-second COVID-19 PSAs

30-second COVID-19 PSAs

Recorded and produced by L.A. Digital Recording, these PSAs detail everyday actions that can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Note that the metadata contains the PSA details as the title, Live365 as the artist, LA Digital Recording as the album name, and “Produced by LA Digital Recording” as the ID3 Comment field. The Live365 logo is the cover art.

From here, all you need to do is download the ZIP files, unzip them, and upload the MP3 files to your library, using "Promo" as the track type. Labeling these PSAs as the "Promo" track type is best for organization given the "limited-time nature" of these PSAs. Then, you can program your station as desired, whether that be with AutoDJ, Clockwheels, Scheduled Events, or LiveDJ, and the PSAs, as with all other tracks, will play according to your programming.

We hope that these PSAs are of assistance when programming your station during this time, and thank you so much for your work in providing top-notch programming to people all around the world.

* Note that Live365 is waiving TLH overages for any stations impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

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