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Introducing Featured Weekly Spotlight Interviews!

We want to feature YOUR Live365 station on our blog and social media outlets!

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you've probably seen our daily Spotlights. We feature one Live365 station every day telling our followers to check that station out.

On top of Spotlighting a great station every day, we want to interview a different broadcaster each week. We want to know you a little better -- your station, your setup, your favorite concert, and your top 10 songs. Plus, you might just inspire other broadcasters to start up their own stations and fulfill a lifelong dream of theirs!

Want to get on the Daily Spotlight list?
Fill out the form at the following link: Featured Spotlight Submission Form. (Duplicate station entries will only be counted once. Must have a Live365 Broadcaster account.)

We'll Spotlight your station on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, where we have a combined audience of more than 105,000 people.

Who gets picked as a Featured Weekly Spotlight Interview?
SHARE, SHARE, SHARE those Daily Spotlight social media links! Direct your listeners and social media followers to "LIKE" the original posts on Live365's pages. The Spotlight Station that generates the most engagement throughout the week (Sunday-Saturday) will be our Featured Spotlight Station the following Monday.

Why do you need all this information now?
We'd like to avoid a delay in publishing the winning station's interview, so we're requesting that you fill out all of the interview questions now. If chosen, we'll post the interview on our social media outlets and include them in our monthly broadcaster newsletters.


Have questions?
Message us on our Facebook page for broadcasters.

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