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Five Reasons to Choose Live365

What makes one of the most iconic brands in Internet radio so special? Let’s take a look at what makes Live365 great.

1. Licensing Coverage in the U.S.

We know that licensing coverage is expensive to maintain and difficult to report. As the owner of a radio station, it’s something that you absolutely need a solution for. We understand that you’d rather focus on other aspects of running your station, like creating awesome content, so let us help. We already have licensing agreements in place with the major licensing bodies in the U.S. and we’ll take care of your station's reporting as well.

2. Fast and Easy Setup

Get your station on the air with minimal time and effort. Once you provide your station information, you’ll upload your tracks using our drag and drop interface within your station's personalized Live365 dashboard. From there, you can create a playlist to schedule later or go live with a webcast. You’ll also never have to worry about dead air. We’ve set every station up with our DMCA complaint Auto DJ to make sure your content is always available for your listeners.

3. Built-In Monetization

Live365 can help you monetize your station by placing ads targeted to each individual listener. By using the Live365 Supply Side Platform, we compete for the highest CPM (dollar value - literally “cost per thousand” impressions) for each impression of every listener, with a fully programmatic stack for leveraging data to the highest capability. End result? We make you the most amount of money possible to reduce streaming costs. If you decide you’d rather skip the ads, we can make that happen as well!

4. Distribution

Not only is Live365 a tool to create a great station, it’s also a network of hundreds of webcasters with consumer apps to discover unique content. Want an instant way to get listeners? Live365 is constantly rolling out integrations with partners to get your stations in front of the most engaging audiences possible.

5. Constant Updates and New Features

We’re taking critical feedback from broadcasters just like you to help build the next generation of internet radio. Have a suggestion or request? Tell us at We constantly release new features to give you more creative tools to build the best content on the Internet.

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