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Incorporating Halloween Songs Into Your Live365 Library

Now that the Halloween season is upon us, you may want to add some spooky Halloween tunes into your Live365 Library. Below we'll discuss how to quickly tag these Halloween songs so you can easily identify which songs are for Halloween.

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Track Tags
Live365's broadcaster interface gives you the option to create and utilize Track Tags to make managing and maintaining your internet radio station easy.

Tags are an internal way of labeling your tracks. You can define your own Tags, being as creative, as specific, or as broad as you'd like. In this instance, we'll use Tags to label Halloween songs. Each track can have multiple Tags. (Not to be confused with Track Types, which are Live365-defined and each track can only have one.)

Common Track Tags for Organization
Below are some common ways broadcasters organize their libraries:

  • By genre - If your station intends to play more than one genre of music, this is an easy way to differentiate. Example Tags: rock, pop, gospel, classical, etc.
  • By decade - Many oldies stations play tunes from more than one decade. These Tags will help you build playlists from a single decade, or playlists spanning multiple decades. Example Tags: '50s, '60s, '70s, etc. (You can even go step further and create year-specific Tags, like '75, '76, '77, etc.)
  • By mood - For smoother transitions and to aid in balancing your playlist, you can Tag tracks by mood. Example Tags: upbeat, chill, fierce, sad, happy, etc.
  • By upload date - Keep tabs on when you upload new tracks. When you run low on room in your library, you can delete the oldest tracks and add in new ones. Example Tags: year, month, month/year.
  • By language - While not applicable to most stations, some have tracks in multiple languages. Language Tags will help you easily recognize foreign language tracks. Example Tags: Swedish, Korean, Spanish, French, etc.
  • By popularity - Come up with your own system for recent hits, timeless tracks, and everything in between, so you can effortlessly work the biggest hits into your playlists. Example Tags: Oldies, Recurrent, Hot, etc. (Read more about coding a music library here.)
  • By season/holiday - If you often incorporate seasonal or holiday songs on your station, you can certainly tag them as such. Consider Tags like Summer, Autumn, Halloween, and Christmas.

Each track can have more than one Tag. A single track can include the Tags: Halloween, Upbeat, Oldies, Kids. (I was thinking of "Monster Mash" when using those tags!)

How Do I Create and Assign Tags?
Once you're logged in to your Live365 dashboard, you can begin creating Tags by selecting Media > Tags from the navigation bar. Follow our step-by-step guide to create and assign Tags to some or all of the tracks in your library.

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