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Live365 Feature Requests

Broadcasters, we want to hear from you! What features do you want to see next? What could we create to help improve the way you run your station and make things flow better?

At, our goal is to build the best platform possible to help all of our broadcasters. We think we have some pretty solid ideas, but you -- the broadcasters -- are the ones using our platform day in and day out. By requesting specific features that you want to see, you're in control! You get to decide what we build next.

Additionally, you get to view requests from other broadcasters. See something you like? VOTE for it! The features with the most votes will become priorities for our development team during the next wave of feature developments.

Search for an existing request (to avoid duplicates, and to vote/add a comment to an existing request) by typing in the search bar and hitting enter:


Vote for an existing request by clicking on the blue "votes" button or by clicking on the title of the request. A new page will load, and you can then click on the green "upvote" button:


You can add a comment to an existing request by clicking on the title of the request (like you did to vote). A new page will load, and once you scroll down you'll see a place to add a comment. Be sure to hit the blue "post comment" button when you're done:


Need to add a new request? Click on the green "add your suggestion" button. A new page will load, and you can tell us what you want to see next. You can even include an image if you'd like:


So have at it! Submit and vote for feature requests at the following link: Happy broadcasting!

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