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Live365 Launches New Beta Testing Program!

Want to test new Live365 features before anyone else? Now you can! has tons of new features that we want to implement. Before we release these exciting, long-awaited features to the public, we want your feedback. How are things working? What could be improved?

To take advantage of these unreleased features while simultaneously helping us out, join our Beta Testing Program!

In order to make sure the program is successful, we need some information from you. If you're interested, please fill out the Beta Testing Program Form.

We'll let you know once you're accepted into this valuable program, and send you some information via email with a guide and instructions. We encourage Beta Testers to join our Live365 Beta Testers Facebook Group to discuss these features and improvements with other broadcasters. Our development team members are in the Facebook group as well, actively following the group conversations to get feedback directly. Providing feedback is incredibly important not only for Live365, but for other broadcasters like yourself.

Please note: upgrading an account into our beta program is still a bit of a manual process. Our team is actively checking and working on upgrading accounts each day, but you may experience a little delay from when you initially sign up to when you get the new software. So if you submitted your form already but have not been upgraded to the beta yet, please be patient as the team works through all the requests.

One of the features Beta Testers are already playing around with right now is ClockWheels, which are a script or a template which tells your station what kind of tracks to play and when.

Instead of having to make a playlist that is several hours long, you can create a template of sorts. This lets you pick out different Types or Categories to be played in order, but saves you the time of having to pick each individual song.

Thanks in advance for your interest! Can't wait to have you test out everything we have up our sleeves.

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