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Welcome to Blue Bossa Nova

The new Live365 Dashboard experience, Blue Bossa Nova, has arrived!

Since the dashboard now has a completely new look as well as some new features, we wanted to present you with a welcome guide to the improved experience to make the transition as easy as possible!

Aside from the fresh look and user experience, Blue Bossa Nova offers brand new user management abilities as well as a "Do Not Play" flag. Now, you can manage multiple stations under one account as well as invite Managers and Editors to manage various aspects of your station(s). As for the "Do Not Play" flag, this is a new feature that will allow you to quickly take a track out of rotation without worrying about it's Type or Category.

In addition to Blue Bossa Nova, we've also relaunched our Help Desk with completely updated articles as well as new articles to walk you through everything that you need to know about the dashboard.

With all that said, we've linked various resources on the dashboard and latest features, including a Blue Bossa Nova video demo, below. And, as always, should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Solutions team at

For a full video walk-through of the new dashboard, watch our Blue Bossa Nova Video Demo.

Check out our new Help Desk here.

For guidance navigating the new dashboard, see our Dashboard Navigation article.

To learn more about managing multiple stations, check out our article here.

For info on the new user roles and permissions, read our article entitled Managing User Roles, Permissions and Invites.

Learn more about our new "Do Not Play" flag here.

Wondering what happened to the "Uncategorized" Track Type? Read this article.

If you have any feature requests, please submit them in our Feature Request Portal.

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