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5 Reasons Why You Should Start an Internet Radio Station

If you're new to Live365 or are on the fence about creating your own internet radio station, you may be wondering why you should start one in the first place. You may be having thoughts like: Isn't starting a station very technical and difficult? What if my station isn't any good? How would I make my station legal with copyright law?

We hear you. And it's totally okay, we're here to speak to those questions and concerns. Creating a new internet radio station is actually more rewarding than you might think. In this article, Live365 will be your personal cheerleader and give you 5 reasons why you should start your own internet radio station!

1. It's Easier Than Ever

Unlike your typical big-budget terrestrial radio station that requires a recording studio, fancy equipment, and large broadcasting team, all you need to run a successful internet radio station is yourself and a computer. With Live365, it's never been easier to start your own station - we provide a one-stop shop for starting your station with easy-to-use audio tools and services, licensing, monetization, and listening distribution.

All you need to do is upload your music or content, drag and drop your stuff into playlists, then schedule those playlists for whenever you want them to broadcast. You can even utilize AutoDJ, ClockWheels as AutoDJ, and ClockWheels to automate your station.

Once you've mastered the basics, you could even invest in a microphone (or simply record on your phone) and start adding intros or talk segments into your playlists. You might even consider doing a live show eventually! Internet radio allows you to do the hard work of a multi-person radio team all by yourself! And, Live365 is always here to assist you however we can!

2. It's More Than Just A Playlist

Your internet radio station is like a television channel: you can program whatever you want on it. You have complete control. Whether you want to program mainstream pop music, classic rock, 60's jazz, or even Christmas music, it's all up to you!

And keep in mind: your station doesn't just have to be all music. In fact, it doesn't have to be music at all! If you want to add an episode of your brand new podcast into the mix, you're free to do so! You can even program talk content all day, every day if you'd like. An internet radio station allows you to craft something totally unique to your audio tastes, and with some station marketing efforts, you might just find a whole community of listeners that share those tastes!

3. You Can Make It Collaborative

While it's totally possible to run your internet radio station yourself, it doesn't have to be just you contributing content. If you're the kind of person who likes to work on a team or if you want to involve friends or guests in your work, now is the time to tell them about your new internet radio station!

In recent years, the idea of broadcasting audio online has become less and less far-fetched. With the rise of podcasting, it's never been easier for people to become broadcasting personalities from their own home.

Therefore, if you make an internet radio station, there will probably be tons of podcasters, music enthusiasts, and other personalities that would love a slot on your show! Use networking skills and social media to reach out to these people and build a passionate team of entertainers. If you're looking to build a large following, collaboration is a great way to do it.

4. It Builds Experience

If you're looking to go into a career in broadcasting, there's no better way to gain experience than by starting your own internet radio station now. It can help you hone communication, tech, DJing, networking, and marketing skills all from the comfort of your computer screen.

In the world of media, there's no better teaching tool than experience. Starting an internet radio station now gives you a small yet strong platform to practice your skills so that in the future, you'll be confident broadcasting to hundreds or thousands of people!

5. It's Fun!

Okay, maybe our last reason for starting an online radio station is a little cheesy. But seriously: an internet radio station can be a lot of fun to manage.

Even if you're not considering broadcasting as a serious career, programming your own radio station is an enjoyable pastime. It's cool to watch your station grow in both content and audience, and the freedom of making your radio station whatever you want it to be will keep you invested in the hobby for a long time.

Also, isn't it cool to say "I run my own radio station!" to friends and family? Just take the leap and do it! We promise you it will make them proud.

Ready to start your own station? You can start a 7-day free trial here, or contact one of our Product Consultants today!

We can't wait to see your brand new radio station within our Live365 directory. Good luck, and happy broadcasting!

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