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Jon Bon Jovi Requests That Fans Tell Their Stories on New Song 'Do What You Can'

Jon Bon Jovi is asking that fans help him write a new song about the things that people are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Entitled “Do What You Can,” Bon Jovi has already written the first verse and chorus, but wants others to share their stories to fill in the second verse.

In the video he posted requesting help, he said, “Tell me what you’re going through, tell me how you’re feeling, tell me if you’re hurting. Talk about that high school graduation that’s gonna be canceled, talk about that prom you might just not have, talk about that baby coming that there’s nothing you can do about that, talk about the paycheck you’re losing, talk about being afraid — looking out your window and wondering what to make of all this. Just remember, we’re gonna get through it.”

See the video below.

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Article image: Bon Jovi performing in Bristol, England in 2008. (Matthew Fox [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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