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Internet radio can be an incredibly valuable tool in education, both for schools and higher education like colleges and universities. There is also endless possibility with educational talk radio, whether you are an institution, organization, or individual looking to share knowledge. However, it is a tool that is largely overlooked, despite how beneficial it can be for students, staff, communities, institutions, and even the world. At Live365, we are simply here to help you begin to unlock the potential of internet radio in education.

Benefits for Students

Running a radio station creates an opportunity for students to get creative, express themselves, try their hand at something new, and build confidence. As an educational institution, you strive to help students find their passions and develop them, so having a radio station for your institution can be another fantastic exploratory offering to students.

Additionally, a radio station is a project that can unite students and give them a voice to showcase what the student body and what the institution is all about. This voice can also speak to the local community, deepening the connection with the community. And, interaction with the local community can create chances for students to get involved with local businesses and charities.

In the job world, teamwork and responsibility are immensely important strengths to have. If students are involved with running a radio station, they will have experience working in teams and taking on responsibility, putting them in a great position to market themselves and deepen their skills going forward.

Aside from the more academic and developmental benefits, a radio station provides an outlet for students to have some fun, meet new people, and build friendships.

As for potential students, a radio station makes for an accessible, realistic look into a higher education institution that can be extremely useful for them when they are making decisions about their futures.

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Benefits for Staff

A radio station can also create unique teaching moments and opportunities for teachers to be involved with running the station, including helping to create and execute shows, taking necessary leadership roles, and so forth.

And, if any of your staff members have a particular interest in or passion for radio, or are especially creative, a radio station could become a really rewarding part of their job.

Uniting Students & Staff

Connecting students and staff is always a challenge. Having an internet radio station for your educational institution is just one of the ways you can help unite them. A radio station creates endless possibilities for radio shows, so students and staff can work together to come up with and execute engaging segments.

Additionally, a radio station poses an opportunity for networking, where students, staff, and even the community can connect based on interests.

In a higher education scenario, a radio station might even be beneficial for attracting new students and engaging with them. For example, a call-in show could provide a space for potential students to talk directly to a member of staff about the institution, whether that may be questions, fun stories, or anything else.

Benefits for Your Community

As an educational institution, you often rely a lot on your community. In return, you can contribute to your community by promoting local businesses, and talking about community events and news, local issues, and so forth on your radio station. This can have incredible benefits on the local economy, and it can help a community grow to become more involved, educated, and inclusive.

Showcasing Your Institution

Especially given the fact that internet radio is still such an unlocked tool in education, having a radio station as an educational institution will absolutely help you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but you'll have another tool to promote events, share news, attract new students, and showcase anything else that makes your institution special, and unlike other institutions.

Also, having staff involved with your radio station can be helpful with attracting new students in a higher education scenario. A radio station that features students and faculty working together, and enjoying doing so, showcases a unique aspect of your institution.

Benefits for the World

Whether you are an educational institution or organization interested in starting a radio station, or an individual or group of individuals looking to begin an educational talk radio station, you can guarantee that your station will have real world benefits. Internet radio is an incredible resource for connecting people, teaching and spreading knowledge, and making information even more accessible. And, greater access to information simply makes for a better, more educated world.

So, if you would like to start a station for your educational institution and join the internet radio world full of endless possibilities, Live365 has got you covered! We are a one-stop shop for your internet radio station, providing you with powerful streaming tools, licensing, monetization, and listening distribution. And, we offer streaming solutions for colleges, high schools, and educational organizations, allowing you to simulcast your AM/FM station or run a station directly from the cloud. To get started, just head to this page, or email us at

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