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The BIPOC Spotlights: SexyBlack Radio

As part of "The BIPOC Spotlights," Live365 is shining a spotlight on SexyBlack Radio! Curtis Morgan shared the station's story as well as some music recommendations with us. Check out their story below!

How did you get started with your station?

SexyBlack Radio is my brainchild. I'm a bit of a music savant. Next to acting, music curation has been my biggest passion over the last 30+ years. My artist friends know to come to me for educated discussions about the industry past and present. When I told my peers about this venture, their sentiments were similar: “What took you so long?”

What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?

Listeners can expect a scrutinized, quality-based selection of music from many genres, but mainly R&B, hip hop, and pop. There are some staples and some popular singles, but a lot of deep cuts, remixes, and rarities give listeners a truly high quality musical experience. Time is not a factor. Old is mixed in with BRAND new. You'll also hear country, reggae, and more mixed in. Just. Good. Music.

What’s one artist that you play on your station that is underrated in your opinion?

Billy Lawrence. In the 90s, she had two great albums, One Might Say and Paradise, but her sales weren't great because the label she was on did not do a sufficient job to push the material. Then Napster happened, and she was subsequently left without a deal. Before this happened, she was writing for *NSync and Jennifer Lopez.

Up until last June, she hadn't officially released a single, but then she quietly dropped "Heart Beats & Breaks." I reached out to her on Instagram and got her blessing to feature the track on my station. Her voice is incredibly unique, and her writing style is soulful and spiritual at the same time. I'm hoping for a huge Billy Lawrence resurgence.

What’s one song that particularly stands out to you and that has stayed with you, whether for the storytelling, a lyric, the production, or any other reason?

"Can You Stand The Rain" by New Edition. The song is about unconditional love, something that is rare in today's world. It asks the question, "Will you stand by me when the sunny days turn to rain?" This is the ultimate question when it comes to love as far as I'm concerned.

What are your top 5 favorite artists?

  1. New Edition
  2. Janet Jackson
  3. Babyface
  4. Michael Jackson
  5. Billy Lawrence

What are your top 5 favorite songs currently?

  1. All I Need (feat. Mahalia & Ty Dolla $ign) - Jacob Collier
    Pure genius musicality.
  2. Heart Beats & Breaks - Billy Lawrence
    This is the sound of an old friend calling your name after decades apart.
  3. Crave - Kiesza
    I dare you not to move to this. Perfection in production.
  4. Dance Alone - Tayla Parx
    This is lightning in a bottle. She will be a star.
  5. Don't Make It Harder On Me - Chloe x Halle
    A gem of a song, melodic, with a hint of an old soul. It was written by a friend of mine for them and I just love it.

Listen to SexyBlack Radio on, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

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