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Adding Content to Your Radio Station

Expanding your music library doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a number of ways to find and acquire new content and upload it to your Live365 media library. Below we'll discuss the various ways that you can approach adding content to your library.

Importing CDs

A more “old school” approach to adding content to your library would be importing music files from physical copies of CDs that you own. As long as you have a program that can convert those files into .MP3s or .M4As, you’re all set.

Assuming you have a computer with a CD drive, this should be easy! With the iTunes/Apple Music app, you can simply pop a CD into your computer. You’ll be asked if you’d like to import the album. Often times, newer CDs will import with all of the album and track metadata included. Sometimes, though, you’ll need to manually update that information as complete and accurate metadata is crucial to ensuring your station stays legal. Note that it's best to update the metadata during this step, as editing the metadata in the Live365 interface only updates the cloud copy of the track, not the original copy on your computer.

You can also import music files from cassettes or vinyl records, but you’ll need additional hardware and software to do so.

Downloading Tracks

Downloading tracks is the most convenient way to instantly get new music. If you don’t already have a preferred digital music store, you’ll want to find one that’s right for you. With these stores, you can purchase digital downloads of music. Two of the most popular ones are the iTunes Store and Amazon Music. (Note that Apple has started transitioning its music services to the Apple Music app, but the iTunes Store will still be accessible through that app. At the time of writing, iTunes/Apple Music app distinctions vary by device and software version.)

Using the iTunes Store or Amazon Music, you can search the store for specific songs, artists, or albums. From there, you can purchase the music that you want to add to your Live365 library. Once you purchase the album or track, you'll want to download it to your device if it doesn't automatically do so. All of the purchased tracks will already be in the .M4A or .MP3 file format.

* Please note that you cannot use music from digital streaming services, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, or Amazon Music, on your station due to their terms of service. Apple Music and Amazon Music offer both digital downloads that you can purchase as well as music streaming. In order to use music from those services, you must purchase a copy of the music you intend to use.

Recording Original Content

If you're interested in creating your own content, whether that may be music, talk, or radio imaging, you can take the approach of recording your own content for your station. In this case, at the very least, you’ll want a good microphone and audio recording software. There are many different recording software options out there, many of which are paid, but a great free option is Audacity.

Uploading to Your Live365 Media Library

Once you have your content, you can begin uploading it to your Live365 library. Within your media library, you'll find the option to add tracks and a window allowing you to browse for and drag and drop tracks will open. Once you've selected all of your tracks and confirmed their metadata, you can upload them and then you'll find them in your media library.

* Note that Live365 is currently compatible with .MP3 and .M4A files, meaning these are the only file types that you can upload to your Live365 media library. If you have other file types that you’d like to include in your media library, follow this guide on how to convert them to .MP3 (which is more common than .M4A).

For a more in-depth look at how to upload content to your media library, see our First Time User Broadcast Guide.

For information on where to obtain content for your station, see this article.

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