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Black History Month Radio Stations 2021

It's Black History Month, a month-long celebration dedicated to honoring and reflecting on the achievements of Black Americans throughout history, including their innovation and continued contributions within the music world. Check out a few of the Live365 stations highlighting just some of these musical contributions below.


the Music is Black

the Music is Black is the original African diaspora music station, playing African-American, African-Caribbean, African-Central, and South American music and Afrobeats.

the Music is Black Social Media: Twitter


Divas Hustle Radio

Divas Hustle Radio is a 100% independently Black-owned station that aims to bridge the gap between between cultural boundaries using a mix of hip hop, rap, and R&B.

Divas Hustle Radio Social Media: Facebook & Instagram


CurtJazz Radio

CurtJazz Radio is all about Black American Music, known to most people as jazz. They play classic jazz, Latin jazz, vocalists, and a very heavy dose of music from new and emerging jazz artists.

CurtJazz Radio Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


WERU Radio

WERU Radio is a Black and LGBTQ-owned station combining the flavors of R&B, hip hop, and soulful house music to create the "Urban Sound Of Pride!"

WERU Radio Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


SexyBlack Radio

SexyBlack Radio is a scrutinized, quality-based selection of music from many genres, but mainly R&B, hip hop, and pop. There are some staples and some popular singles, but a lot of deep cuts, remixes, and rarities give listeners a truly high-quality musical experience. Time is not a factor. Old is mixed in with BRAND new. You'll also hear country, reggae, and more mixed in.

SexyBlack Radio Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


Black Gospel Radio 365

Black Gospel Radio 365 is playing today's gospel music hits and yesterday's faves! It's the best traditional, contemporary, and quartet gospel. All GOSPEL, Only GOSPEL, All the time!

Black Gospel Radio 365 Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


Reeboot Radio

Reeboot Radio features all clean versions of hip hop and R&B, with a focus on positive narratives within the genres. On the weekends, the station has two live shows, with Sunday dedicated to jazz, reggae, and old school soul classics.

Reeboot Radio Social Media: Facebook & Instagram


A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music Radio Network

The goal of A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music is to educate listeners about the roots and influences of rhythm and blues by giving them a history lesson on the artists, composers, arrangers, singers, and songwriters who have contributed and continue to contribute to this genre of music. Listeners will hear the roots of R&B, including gospel, blues, jazz, R&B, hip hop, and rock music, in addition to classic soul and new independent R&B artists who continue to carry on the rhythm and blues genre.

A Bowl of Soul Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


BLAX Radio

BLAX Radio is a Black-owned station dedicated to preserving and promoting great Black music everyday, with special Black History Month music and programming every Saturday this month!

BLAX Radio Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram



GRINDHARD RADIO is a Black-owned station that has been on air since Mar. 8, 2011. The station follows the lives of independent/underground music artists and entrepreneurs as they work through the struggles of the entertainment industry.

GRINDHARD RADIO Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


DJ HiPrayze Radio

DJ HiPrayze Radio is featuring Black History Month programming at 1am ET and 1pm ET daily. In addition, they are playing music by Black gospel artists from the 1960s through the 2020s.

DJ HiPrayze Radio Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram



KPTR PARTY TRAIN RADIO is broadcasting your favorite R&B, hip hop, funk, jazz, reggae, and blues hits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

KPTR PARTY TRAIN RADIO Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


Neighborhood News Radio Network

Neighborhood News Radio Network features all in-house content produced by a multicultural creative collective. Listeners can expect original music, satire, and more.

Neighborhood News Radio Network Social Media: Twitter & Instagram


Black Queen Broadcast

Black Queen Broadcast is bringing the Black community music and talk to empower them with knowledge on social, health, medical, and political facts and opinions. They're also dedicated to bringing awareness to domestic violence and breast cancer.

Black Queen Broadcast Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


Power 4.4 Radio

Power 4.4 Radio offers up a mix of hip hop, contemporary and progressive R&B, reggae, and more. Throughout February, they'll also be having various shows highlighting Black history.

Power 4.4 Radio Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram



Lit96 is showcasing the best in hip hop and R&B!

Lit96 Social Media: Twitter & Instagram



Lalistensradio celebrates a variety of music from African American artists. Featuring music from the 60s to 80s, they play music that listeners love to hear, taking them back to the times they loved.

Lalistensradio Social Media: Facebook & Instagram



VINTAGE INSPIRATION RADIO plays today's generation of gospel artists and the legends who inspired them!

VINTAGE INSPIRATION RADIO Social Media: Facebook & Twitter


Seasons & Celebrations Radio

Seasons & Celebrations Radio will celebrate Black History Month the weekend of Feb. 26, featuring programming all weekend through Sunday, with back-to-back songs of peace, protest, and celebration by African American artists.

Seasons & Celebrations Radio Social Media: Facebook


Afrocentric Sounds Radio

Afrocentric Sounds Radio offers 24/7 classical music composed and/or performed by the African diaspora.

Afrocentric Sounds Radio Social Media: Facebook & Twitter

Broadcasters: If you have any programming pertaining to Black History Month on your station and would like to be included on this list, submit your station and programming to this form!

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