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Featured Spotlight Station: KWAKE Radio

Live365's "Featured Spotlight Station" this week is KWAKE Radio (King Without A Krown Everyday)! We spoke with Jason Katz about the station's setup, what listeners can expect to hear, and some of the station's biggest hits. Check out the interview below!

What brought you to Live365?
I was looking for better programming options as well as something easier to use.

What's your studio like?
I use Windows 7 on my laptop and an iPhone 6S.

What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?
A variety of some of the best Christian music -- from Hip Hop to Metal and everything in between. If the Gospel is in the music, we play it!

What has been your favorite moment as a DJ/Station Manager so far?
Connecting with my community in a positive way, and showing people that we CAN make a difference.

What is the best concert you've ever attended, and why?
Living Colour in 1993. They were my favorite band then and they're my favorite band still. Just an amazing chance to see one of the best singers, Corey Glover, and an all-time great guitarist, Vernon Reid.

Curious about the station's top hits? Check out the list below.

  1. "O.M.G." by V8 Vast Change
  2. "Love Never Fails" by D.O.P.
  3. "Bleed the Same" by Mandisa ft. Toby Mac and Kirk Franklin
  4. "Party People" by Derek Minor ft. Social Club
  5. "Great God" by Detrick Haddons
  6. "Come to the Table" by Psalm Forty/Sidewalk Prophets

Listen to KWAKE Radio on Live365.com, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram!

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