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Featured Spotlight Station: Tap the Mic Radio

Live365's "Featured Spotlight Station" this week is Tap the Mic Radio! We spoke with Dorien Jaye about the station's setup, what listeners can expect to hear, and the station's favorite songs. Check out the interview below!

What brought you to Live365?

Legal reasons are what brought us to Live365.

What's your studio like?

Our studio consists of NextKast Pro IRAS, Mackie Profx12V2, EV mics, and Focusrite interface with Mackie.

What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?

Listeners can expect adult contemporary hit radio with specialized weekend music programming and stimulating educational podcasts!

What has been your favorite moment as a DJ/Station Manager so far?

We're very proud to have a station that brings people of all upbringings to one place for a variety of music programming and stimulating conversational podcasts. We strive to become a respected and trusted location where the voice of diversity is the identity of Tap the Mic Radio.

What is the best concert you've ever attended, and why?

Godsmack and Shinedown because I had a great time with my son and brother-in-law at the show.

What artist (dead or alive) would you love to see live, but haven't had the chance to see?

Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Prince, and Michael Jackson

We asked for some of the station's favorite songs. Here's what they had to say!

  • What Is Hip? by Tower of Power - Great Horn line!
  • Imagine by John Lennon - Greatest Writer!
  • Let it Be by The Beatles - Paul McCartney: 2nd Greatest Writer!
  • We Are the World by Michael Jackson - Shows the power that music has!
  • Maroon 5 Catalog - Adam Levine is clearly influenced by the greatest writers of all time!

Listen to Tap the Mic Radio on Live365.com, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

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