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Featured Spotlight Station: The Soft Rock Channel

Live365's "Featured Spotlight Station" this week is The Soft Rock Channel! We spoke with Frank Bruno about their setup, what listeners can expect to hear, and the station's favorite songs. Check out the interview below!

What brought you to Live365?

I used to run a station on Live365 way back when (The Classic Hits Channel) and I loved the platform. So, with the return of Live365, it was a no brainer to put a new station on the platform.

What's your studio like?

We are using StationPlaylist on a VPS server, but have it running simultaneously with a live feed at my home studio as a backup or if I want to go live. We also use Shure SM-7 mics, a Wheatstone Mixer, and a PC running Windows 10. We are using Stereo Tool as a processor on the VPS server and Breakaway One on the home setup.

What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?

We play a lot of songs and artists people just won't hear on the radio anymore. We also have some personality courtesy of John & Heidi Smalls and Cloudcast Radio (John & Heidi, Cindy Scott, Terry Dean), as well as my own voice tracking 2-6pm ET.

What has been your favorite moment as a DJ/Station Manager so far?

Getting the positive reaction from the listeners to the station is the best part. It's an honor to become a part of a routine and a habit for many people across the country and around the globe.

What is the best concert you've ever attended, and why?

The Eagles, Hell Freezes Over. My wife, then girlfriend, surprised me with tickets. We couldn't wait to see them, but enjoyed the opening act...a then unknown in the mainstream...Sheryl Crow. She was great...or it could have been the second-hand weed smoke from the people in front of us warping our hearing.

What artist (dead or alive) would you love to see live, but haven't had the chance to see?

David Bowie, hands down.

We asked for some of the station's favorite songs. Here's what they had to say!

Listen to The Soft Rock Channel on Live365.com!

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