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How to Check If Your Radio Station Is Legal

As an internet radio broadcaster, it is incredibly important to be absolutely certain that your station is legal. If you're unsure about whether or not your station is covered in terms of licensing, check out the one simple way to find out for sure if your station is legal below.

If you use an aggregator service, there is a definitive list that you can check to make sure you are covered. All digital radio providers that are operating under the necessary license to stream copyrighted material are listed here.

If you see your provider on the list above, then not to worry, you are covered and your station is completely legal!

Any provider that is not listed on their "complete list of digital services operating under the statutory license" does not have the licensing necessary to stream copyrighted works. If your service provider is not listed on the complete list above, then you can be absolutely certain that your station is not covered and is therefore technically deemed illegal.

You can also be sure you are legal by licensing directly with SoundExchange. Rates and licensing information for SoundExchange can be found here. For more information on licensing and legality, check out this page.

In some cases, you may be uncertain whether or not you are truly covered in terms of licensing. Whatever the case may be, don't just trust what you hear. The list above is your reference point for finding out for yourself if your station is legal.

* Note that if an aggregator service just recently signed up with SoundExchange to obtain the necessary licensing, they may not appear on the list yet despite being legal. Additionally, the above list is for the statutory license only, so if a service does direct deals with the copyright holders, they could still be legal, but they won't be included on the above list.

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