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How to Get Reviews for Your Podcast

As a podcaster, getting reviews for your podcast can be a difficult task. Of course, you want to get reviews because they help you understand how listeners are resonating with your podcast and they often contribute to a potential new listener's decision to check out your podcast. Additionally, reviews often indicate that a podcast has a loyal following, which can be helpful in future endeavors with your podcast. However, despite the fact that reviews tend to benefit both you and listeners, it's challenging to motivate your audience to leave reviews. So, we've listed 5 of the best ways to get reviews for your podcast below.

Have a Strong Call to Action.

At the beginning and end of every podcast episode, you should be directing your listeners to where they can leave a review. Telling your listeners what you would like them to do at the beginning and end of your episodes will keep it fresh in their minds. And, think about it, if you don't let your audience know what you want them to do, how are they supposed to know to do it?

Give Rewards for Reviews.

A great way to potentially increase the amount of reviews that you receive is to give incentives. Incentives could include a shout out to a reviewer on your podcast each week, a special podcast episode once a goal is reached, a contest, a giveaway, and so on. Consider doing contests or giveaways every so often in which you give a prize in exchange for reviews. You could give out a prize to the first 3 people who leave a review after you announce the giveaway. Or, you might consider collecting the people who leave you a review during a certain time frame and randomly selecting one person to win merchandise, for example. The prize can be something specifically related to your podcast, such as merchandise, a personalized message from you, a consultation call with you, etc., or something related to your podcast topic, such as a bluetooth speaker if you are a technology-related podcast. Giving rewards for reviews can be a great way to motivate listeners to leave a review, but be sure that you are selecting prizes that interest your listeners, otherwise your best efforts of giving rewards for reviews will likely be unsuccessful.

Be careful with running contests though. iTunes (Apple Podcasts) has a review filter process that detects if there are many reviews all at the same time and then doesn't show those reviews. If you decide to run contests, try to spread them out and do each contest within a short time frame so that you don't get too many reviews at once.

Create a Short Link/Vanity URL.

Creating a short link or vanity URL that is easy to remember helps increase the chance that your audience will leave you a review. The short link should redirect your listeners to your iTunes (Apple Podcasts) review page, making it as simple as possible for them to write a review. You can then mention this link during your podcast and use this link in your social media posts, in your emails, and on your website. An example of this might be: www.[yourwebsite].com/review.

Simply Ask.

If you don't ask your audience, other podcasters, friends, family, and so on to leave your podcast a review, then they will likely never do it. You can't expect people to write reviews without asking them to do so.

Although your listeners may thoroughly enjoy your podcast, they likely all have a million other things also on their minds, so leaving your podcast a review is probably not something that generally crosses their minds. Give them a gentle reminder on your social media posts as well as in replies to listeners, on your website, via email, and anywhere else you interact with listeners that you would really appreciate if they left you a review. Remember, there's no harm in asking, just be sure that you don't become too aggressive in asking for reviews. And, be sure to explain why leaving a review is important.

Explain the Process.

In some cases, your listeners may not know that they can leave a review and/or how to leave a review. Consider writing a blog post or creating a video to explain how to leave a review. The more you lay it out for your audience, the easier it is, which increases the likelihood that they will leave you a review.

Getting reviews for your podcast is a slow process. Despite your best efforts, you may only get a few reviews every once in awhile. Don't get discouraged. Stick with these strategies and you should begin to see a larger amount of reviews over time. Above all else, keep reminding your audience to leave you a review as well as how much you appreciate anyone taking the time to write a review. Happy podcasting!

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