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Internet Radio: A Decade in Review

As we end the decade and move in to the next one, we wanted to look back on all of the changes in internet radio over the past 10 years.


May 2010: EmpireStreaming is founded and launched with a single server
June 2010: 4G enters U.S. allowing for HQ mobile audio streaming
July 2010: launched by CBS Radio (now Entercom)


May 2011: is founded
June 2011: Pandora goes public
July 2011: Spotify launches in U.S.


September 2012: Internet Radio Fairness Act dies in Congress


April 2013: Online radio listening rises to 47% of U.S. population


January 2014: Radionomy Group buys Shoutcast
February 2014: shuts down


June 2015: Amazon releases Echo and Alexa
December 2015: Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 expires


January 2016: Live365 (the original) goes dark
July 2016: Deezer enters U.S.
August 2016: Live365's assets acquired from bankruptcy


January 2017: Live365 has its first webcasts, with 8 stations
May 2017: Live365 waitlist opens up and public sign-ups are allowed


June 2018: Live365 enters Canada with SOCAN and Re:Sound licensing
October 2018: Live365 enters United Kingdom with PRS and PPL licensing
October 2018: Music Modernization Act signed into law


March 2019: Online audio listening rises to 67% of U.S. population
May 2019: Radionomy leaves the U.S.
June 2019: shuts down
December 2019: 8tracks and Radionomy shut down

It was certainly an eventful decade and despite some internet radio platforms coming and going, the increase in online audio listenership at the end of the decade shows that the future of internet radio is extremely bright. And, Live365 is excited to be part of that bright future for years to come. Here's to the next decade being full of passion for internet radio, we can't wait to see how this incredible medium and industry grows and evolves over the next 10 years!

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