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Internet radio can be an incredibly valuable tool in business. Aside from the marketing opportunity that arises from having a radio station as a business, there is an overall connection with your community that you can foster using your own station. However, internet radio is a tool that is largely overlooked, despite how beneficial it can be for your business as well as your community. At Live365, we are simply here to help you begin to unlock the potential of internet radio in business.

Showcasing Your Business

Whether you are beginning your business or building your business, an internet radio station can be helpful. A radio station can be used as a powerful marketing and promotional tool outside of and inside your community. Since an internet radio station is accessible across the world, you have the ability to reach a wider audience. Even if you are a local business, meaning your focus is marketing to the community in which you are physically located, an internet radio station is a great way to engage your community as well as make your business accessible to those who visit and those who never even step foot in your community.

Ultimately, your radio station can be that extra opportunity to engage with people. Your goal can be to increase brand awareness, foster loyalty in your customers, promote a product or service, or anything else for that matter. Your radio station is just another tool that can assist you with achieving the goals that you have. You can program your station however you would like, so everything is authentic to your business.

Especially given the fact that internet radio is still an unlocked tool in business, having a radio station will absolutely help you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but you'll have another channel to promote your business, including announcing events, attracting new customers, and showcasing anything else that makes your business special, and unlike the competition.

Also, having staff involved with your radio station can be helpful with attracting new staff as well as creating a positive brand image. A radio station that features staff working together, and enjoying doing so, showcases the friendly, cooperative atmosphere of your business.

Keep in mind that if your internet radio station continues to grow, you may even begin to generate a new revenue stream for your business!

Benefits for Your Community

As a business, you rely a lot on your community. In return, you can contribute to your community by talking about community events, local issues, and so forth on your radio station. This can have incredible benefits on the local economy, and it can help a community grow to become more involved and inclusive.

Additionally, a radio station provides an opportunity to connect with your community outside of your physical place of business. Keeping in touch with your community is an important aspect of owning your own business, so a radio station provides you with another avenue to stay connected.

So, if you would like to start your own station and join the fruitful internet radio world, Live365 has got you covered! We are a one-stop-shop for your internet radio station, providing you with powerful streaming tools, licensing, monetization, and listening distribution. You can get started here, or email us at

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