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Having music in your podcast certainly isn't a requirement to have a great podcast. However, incorporating music as a theme song, effects, loops, etc. can add another layer to your podcast, which can definitely help foster your podcast's identity. Also, adding music can help with clarity, structure, timing, and cues when well-placed in your podcast. So, you may be asking, where can I even get legal music for my podcast? Well, we've compiled a list of some resources so that you can search around for music that will be that perfect addition to your podcast.

Types of Music That You're Legally Allowed to Use:

  • Royalty Free Music
    • This is music that you can buy the license for and you are able to use the music for whatever you want for the duration of the license. Some licenses are one-off payments for a lifetime license and others are subcription-based, meaning you have a license as long as you have an active subscription.

  • Creative Commons Music
    • Creative Commons licenses vary, but generally speaking, most licenses allow you to use music for free and without permission as long as you credit the artist. Just be careful to read the license in detail as some Creative Commons licenses allow commercial use whereas others do not.

  • Public Domain Music
    • After a certain amount of years (which varies from country to country), music goes out of copyright and into public domain, which allows people to use the music freely.

Note: Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to use any music that you play on your podcast. And, make sure that you credit artists/websites when you are required so that your use of any music is completely legal.

Free Podcast Music Resources

With these resources, music is either totally free to download and credit is suggested, music is free to use in exchange for credit, or licenses vary from track to track. Small donations are often encouraged and accepted on these websites. Also, licenses, prices, requirements, availability, etc. may change on these websites, so always double check these details before using the music in your podcast.

Podcast music from free resources tends to be really common given that there is a smaller selection of quality options. So, just keep it in mind that any music that you find from these resources may be in other people's podcasts, which could take away from any originality that you may be looking for when adding music to your podcast.

Paid Podcast Music Stores

  • Foximusic
    • Foximusic offers 1 single license for a track for $24, which includes unlimited individual and commercial online use. No subscriptions are required and they also offer discounted music packs.
  • Videvo
    • Videvo offers 50 clips at $24.99/month, 25 clips at $14.99/month, or free access to their free library. They have over 10k clips and 87k sound effects available.
  • Jamendo
    • A standard license for one track in unlimited projects is $49.
  • Audioblocks
    • Subscription prices are $9/month for 5 downloads/month or $15/month for unlimited downloads.
  • Music Radio Creative
    • Build your own podcast music with prices starting at $21.95.
  • Audio Jungle
    • License prices vary from track to track.
  • Soundstripe
    • The available subscription is $135/year for unlimited licenses.
  • Marmoset
    • Podcast licenses for a single song are: Personal-Single Use ($29), Personal-Series Use ($79), Business-Single Use ($49), Business-Series Use ($199).
  • Machinima Sound
    • Single song licenses are $8 and single small sound bite licenses are $4.
  • Song Freedom
    • The annual membership with unlimited music is $60/month.
  • Pyramid Tracks
    • They specialize in more retro and alternative tracks, and offer two types of licenses for a single track: Basic ($19.99) & Commercial ($99.99).
  • Instant Music Now
    • Digital downloads start at $9.95.
  • NEO Sounds
    • License prices vary from track to track.
  • Partners in Rhyme
    • License prices vary from track to track.
  • Musopen
    • There is a free subscription that allows 5 downloads/day, but the Member subscription allows for unlimited downloads and costs $55/year.
  • Pond5
    • License prices vary from track to track.
  • Premium Beat
    • The standard license for a song is $49.
  • Melody Loops
    • Pricing starts at $29 for 3 tracks.
  • AudioMicro
    • Single song licenses cost $34.95 and sound effects cost $4.95, although there are some free sound effects available.
  • Music Vine
    • Podcast licenses per track cost: Small Podcast ($9), Large Podcast ($14), Very Large Podcast ($18).
  • Artlist
    • A subscription costs $16.60/month for unlimited downloads.
  • Music Bed
    • License prices vary from track to track.
  • Brett Van Donsel Music
    • Music files are sold for $6 and credit is required.
  • Dan-O Songs
    • The prices are $10 for 1 royalty-free song license and $50 for a license for all of the songs on the site.
  • Freelance Composers
    • There are many composers out there that either have music available for free, a small price, or they may even be willing to create custom music for your podcast.

Note: Prices, licenses, requirements, availability, etc. may change on these websites, so always double check these details before using the music in your podcast.

Also, if you have any friends or family that are musically talented, ask them if you could use their music for your podcast. This could be a beneficial relationship for both of you and you can negotiate your own payment details with them.

Finding music for your podcast may seem difficult and time-consuming, but adding music to your show can be that extra touch that makes your podcast stand out from the crowd. So, go ahead and check out some of the resources we've listed above to see if you can find your signature music for your podcast. Happy podcasting!

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