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Podcast Equipment Guide for Professionals

So, you've had your podcast for some time now and you are looking to level up your podcast set up? Well, you've come to the right place. We've listed some higher quality options for the basics of your podcast as well as several other pieces of high quality equipment that you can add to your set up to further improve the quality of your podcast.

The Basics

  • Computer (with Internet access)
    • Your personal computer can certainly work for recording, editing, and uploading your podcast, but if you are looking to upgrade your set up, there are a few computer options that are best for podcasting. Generally speaking, you want a computer that has at least 16GB RAM and a fast single core processor, such as the 8th generation Intel i7 processor.

Note: If you have very specific requirements for your computer, consider building your own. All you need is a CPU (Central Processing Unit), Cooling, Motherboard, RAM (Random-Access Memory), SSD (Solid State Drive), Power Supply, Case, Monitor, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), and HDD (Hard Disk Drive). If you are unfamiliar with any of these pieces of a computer, some simple Google searches will provide clarity as to what each piece does, the best pieces for your uses, where you can purchase them, and how to go about building your computer.

  • Recording Software
    • Investing in a recording software that includes more advanced features and higher quality audio is essential. Some great options are:

Now, ensuring that your basic pieces of equipment are performing to your liking is of the utmost importance, however there are many other pieces of equipment that you can add to your setup to improve the audio quality and ease of your podcasting process even further.

Equipment to Further Improve your Podcast

  • Cables
    • You may need to purchase a variety of cables to connect all of your pieces in your setup. Some of these cables may include:
      • 3.5 mm to ¼" audio cable
      • 3.5mm audio cable
      • XLR mic cables
      • ¼" inch speaker cable
      • ¼" inch insert cable

If you are looking for a beginner's equipment guide, which includes details about what each piece of equipment does, or you're simply looking for some more affordable options for some of the equipment listed, take a look at our Podcast Equipment Guide for Beginners here.

Many of the options for equipment listed are definitely on the pricier side as they are some of the best pieces of equipment out there. So, keep in mind that there are also lots of other options that are less expensive, but still really great quality that will help improve your podcast. Just consider your price range and requirements for your podcast to decide what pieces of equipment are right for you. Happy podcasting!

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