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Featured Spotlight Station: Studio1G

Live365's "Featured Spotlight Station" this week is Studio1G! We spoke with FunkMaster about the station's setup, what listeners can expect to hear, and some of some of the station's biggest influences. Check out the interview below!

What brought you to Live365?
I'm a lover of music, former DJ, and also a novice drummer.

What's your studio like?
Cakewalk, MusicMaker recording software. Portraits of albums from the '50s through '80s, regardless of genre.

What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?
More than anything else it is a smooth jazz format with the injection of old school R&B from the '60s, '70s, and '80s. There are also inserts of neo-soul and contemporary gospel to give our listeners a dose of reality to keep them focused from a spiritual perspective with an occasional sprinkle of spoken word. Studio1G also gives the opportunity for global artists to showcase their musical talents for the first time so that they may have the opportunity to be heard perhaps for the first time ever in the cutting edge of technology in radio.

What has been your favorite moment as a DJ/Station Manager so far?
Just hearing from artists who have submitted their work and hearing it for the first time in the midst of mainstream music and musicians who have paved the the way for all those currently seeking their place the larger scope of the industry. That in itself brings us great joy and a sense of accomplishment.

What is the best concert you've ever attended, and why?
Earth Wind & Fire because of all the sounds that come together that create a unique oneness live.

When asked for some favorite artists and musical influences, here's what FunkMaster had to say:

Pretty much all the early '70s Motown sound as well as Earth Wind & Fire, followed by Frankie Beverly and Maze.

Listen to Studio1G on Live365.com!

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