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The Importance of Appealing Images on Your Radio Station

Having appealing images on your radio station is a really important part of running your own radio station. Obviously, most people will be drawn to your station because of the content that you play, but appealing images on your station profile can make all the difference in drawing in and retaining listeners. So, we are going to talk about the importance of keeping each of your Live365 station profile images up to date, optimized, and appealing.

Your radio station name and listed genre(s) may seem like the key to getting people to tune in and the content that you play as well as production of your station may seem like the key to gaining and retaining listeners. However, it is important that you don't forget about how the images on your station profile play into getting people to not only tune in, but getting them to continue to tune in time and time again. Images on your station profile need to be appealing because if they aren't, you are running the risk of turning people away.

Firstly, appealing images on your profile make your station more professional. The professionalism of your station profile can be a great thing to fall back on if some of your listeners aren't particularly interested in your programming on a certain day. There's no guarantee that all of your listeners will enjoy your programming at every single moment, so appealing images on your station can be helpful in reassuring your listeners of the quality of your radio station.

The images on your station profile are also a big part of what your listeners base their first impression on. If your station is bare or has unappealing images, you will likely give off a bad first impression, or at the very least, listeners may be wary even if they are still interested in your station.

If your station profile is bare, meaning that there are no images (logo, cover art, and album art) and no station description, then people that view your profile are less likely to tune in and trust your radio station. Less trust means that they won't give your station much of a chance if they don't immediately love your station programming. Additionally, if the images on your station profile are outdated, unappealing, poor quality, hard to see, or the wrong size, it will be much more difficult to attract people enough for them to listen.

On your Live365 station profile, there are 3 kinds of images that you should be putting time and effort into: your station logo, cover art, and album art. It is also important to note that your station description is another vital aspect of your station profile page that you should pay attention to.

Station Logo

Your logo is the central image for your radio station. Your logo appears in the Live365 station directory, on your station profile page, in the Live365 app, and on your custom pop-out player, so your logo really largely represents your station. Your logo should be your first priority in terms of images on your station.

Cover Art

Cover art is the background image for your Live365 station profile page. Cover art really helps bring your whole station profile together and is a great opportunity to showcase a really appealing image since it is the largest image on your profile. Cover art certainly isn't as important as your logo, but having something there, even if it is a more generic image, is a good idea. A bare cover art section certainly isn't ideal. And, be sure to consider how your logo and cover art look together. You don't want them to completely clash or to make no sense together, you want them to work together to make your station profile appealing overall.

Album Art

Album art is often overlooked, but it is extremely important. Aside from the importance of metadata, album art helps to complete the look of your station. Without it, radio stations can look unprofessional. It might be time-consuming to gather album art for your library, but it will really improve the look of your station. It is especially useful to have album art so that you can share appealing images of what your station is playing on social media.

Station Description

Your "About" section on your station profile page obviously isn't an image, but it is often another overlooked aspect of your profile. Writing a quick description of your radio station that is intriguing, concise, and informative adds to your station's legitimacy and professionalism. And, from a listener perspective, listeners certainly appreciate being able to get a better understanding of a station before tuning in. You can also link your website and social media profiles for your listeners to easily access everything regarding your radio station.

Station profile images may seem unimportant because you are a radio station after all, it's about the audio. However, people who visit your station profile may not think you are a legitimate radio station if you have no images or unappealing images. Creating images for your station may seem like it takes a lot of expertise and work, and paying for images may not be feasible. But, you can truly make some simple, yet appealing images for your station using free stock photos, programs like Canva, and a little time and creativity. And, those images will make all the difference for your radio station. So, don't forget to give the appearance of your radio station some love too!

For information about the best practices for station images on your Live365 station profile, take a look at our help desk article here.

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