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15 Talk Radio Topics

When you think of being a radio broadcaster, your mind might go straight to curating music or maybe even talk news, political commentary, or sports commentary. And while these are great, there are actually endless possibilities when it comes to talk radio programming, meaning you don't actually have to be interested in music, news, politics, or sports at all to have your own internet radio station. Regardless if you'd like to start up a talk radio station or just add in some talk segments, we've listed 15 creative talk radio topics that could make for some incredibly engaging content for your radio station.


Everyone has a hobby, if not several hobbies, and they can also make for interesting talk radio content. You can talk about your experience with your hobby, gather audience experiences, talk about related news, do related reviews, and so forth. What are you interested in? Gardening? Gaming? Car mechanics? Reading? Art? Sports? Fishing? Crafting?


Are you passionate about healthy living? Lots of people are! You might consider chatting about mental health, nutrition, fitness, meditation, or self-help tips.


You can tackle the topic of animals on your radio station by telling stories about pets, giving advice on pet ownership, or sharing your expertise on certain animals.


Food applies to everyone and it can be an especially interesting topic because it is different in each culture. You might consider talking about:

  • Cooking tips
  • Recipes
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Baking
  • Wine
  • Brewing
  • Favorite meals
  • Food news
  • Vegetarian or vegan lifestyles
  • Allergy-friendly alternatives


Fashion, beauty, and home decor are all topics of interest for many people. Have you got tips or stories to share?


Are you well-traveled or just really interested in traveling? Why not discuss travel tips, interesting destinations, important cultural differences, or the history of certain places?


We all participate in culture and culture encompasses so many different things, including but not limited to:

  • Traditions
  • Cultural attitudes
  • Events
  • Literature
  • Art
  • TV & Film
  • Theater
  • Celebrity gossip
  • History
  • Conspiracy theories


If you're a tech expert, you might be interested in talking about online security or artificial intelligence. If you're super interested in the newest tech, maybe reviewing apps or new gadgets is right up your alley. Technology is such a central part of our lives, so why not talk about it!


Are you passionate about education? Maybe you'd like to help those learning a new language or you're excellent at explaining how to complete certain tasks. Maybe you have a passion for language and want to help your listeners expand their vocabulary. Whatever the case may be, you have an opportunity to share your knowledge!


Interested in chemistry, biology, zoology, psychology, astronomy, physics, math, statistics, computer science, engineering, or another branch? If you're an expert, you can share your expertise, and if you're just interested in learning more, why not make your learning a community event!


Are you good at giving relationship advice? We've all sought out advice on a family, friend, or romantic relationship at some point, so if you've got the skill, you can take this opportunity to use it!

True Crime

True crime is hugely popular no matter the medium, so why not look into some true crimes that fascinate you and examine the cases on-air!


Business is vague, but that's because there is so much potential under that umbrella. You can speak on a particular industry, career, actual business concepts, the economy, business news, the stories of individual companies, and so on.


Are you savvy with money? Many people are looking to learn more about managing their own finances. Investing, saving, credit, and cryptocurrency are just a few things that you might consider talking about on your station.


Many parents of all ages seek out content from other parents to learn more and find community around the challenges that are unique to them. If you love opening up and sharing your experience, tips, and challenges you've faced with other parents, then starting a station or segment on parenting might be perfect for you!

With a topic in mind, you can then decide on your programming source and the structure of your shows. You can chat about the topic solo, with a co-host, or with a guest, you can take questions from your listeners, or you can focus on storytelling and creating a carefully curated segment. Also note that this list barely scratches the surface of the talk radio topics you could cover, so with the addition of your structure variety, there's really no limit to the innovative ideas you could come up with for your station.

The cool thing about the potential of talk radio is that if you're interested in something, there's bound to be a community of people also interested in it that would potentially enjoy your station. And, the interest in talk content overall is there, with the increasing popularity of podcasts. So, there's really no reason not to tap into your interests further with a talk radio station or segment. Not only will it be fulfilling for you, but it will also likely make for some really creative and engaging content.

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