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Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Postponed

The previously announced Amy Winehouse hologram tour, which was originally planned for late 2019, has been postponed due to “some unique challenges and sensitivities.” BASE Hologram, the company that is developing the project, announced the news earlier this week, but have not revealed a potential timetable for rescheduling the dates.

“We are putting the tour on hold until we determine the best path to a creatively spectacular production that would properly honor Amy’s legacy at its highest caliber,” BASE Hologram wrote in a statement released on Twitter.

Also, BASE Hologram chairman and CEO Brian Becker said in a statement sent to Billboard, "creativity does not necessarily follow a schedule. And that's what happened with Amy Winehouse, we promised to celebrate her life in the most respectful way possible."

The tour that was announced last October will include digitally remastered arrangements of Winehouse’s classics, Winehouse's hologram, a live band, singers, and theatrical stagecraft. It was also announced that all of the tour’s proceeds would benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which works to combat and prevent drug and alcohol abuse among young people, while also offering other services to disadvantaged youth.

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Article image: Winehouse performing at the Eurockéennes on June 29, 2007. (Rama [CC BY-SA 2.0 fr] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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