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Arctic Monkeys Expect to Release New Album in 2022

A new Arctic Monkeys album may be coming much sooner than we thought.

Drummer Matt Helders recently gave an update on the band's latest full-length effort during BBC Radio 5's 2021 "Children in Need" Drumathon. Helders spoke with 5 Live Breakfast while giving a drum lesson, answering questions about the band's upcoming project. When asked if the new album was ready, he said, “Yeah, pretty much, yeah. It was a bit disjointed how we had to do it, and there are bits to finish off, but yeah, it’s all in the works.”

Helders expects the album to be released in 2022. “I think by the time we get everything together, it’ll be next year. Hopefully, we can get out and tour next summer.”

The news of a future Arctic Monkeys project comes after a Suffolk wedding venue accidentally revealed back in July the band had been recording there, signaling the start of work on Arctic Monkeys’ seventh studio album.

“We’ve had a band staying with us for the last month recording an album,” the post said. “Musicians love the acoustics in the Great Hall and Drawing Room, with their huge vaulted ceilings. Being serenaded while watering and weeding the garden, listening to the double bass, drums and piano wafting out of the open double doors, was pretty nice. Thank you, Arctic Monkeys.”

During his interview, Helders also teased what the sound of the new record will be. “We tend to always move it on a little bit,” Helders said. “For us, because we’re so involved in it, it always makes sense. They always kind of pick up where the other one left off in a way. It makes sense when you think about it in the context of the last record. But we always do try and do something a bit different -- it’s kind of hard to describe. You can tell it’s the same band.”

The band's most recent release was a live album in late 2020 called Arctic Monkeys – Live at the Royal Albert Hall. It featured performances from their 2018 tour stop at the iconic venue, with all proceeds from the album benefiting War Child UK, a charity for children impacted by conflict.

The in-the-works album also follows on the heels of Arctic Monkeys' 2018 record Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. That project deviated from the band's typical rock sound, instead dipping into jazz-influenced lounge pop.

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Article Image: Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner playing guitar during a 2018 performance on Best Kept Secret. (benhoudijk via DepositPhotos.)

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