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Although Demi Lovato is only in their 20s, their discography is pretty lengthy and quite diverse, showcasing their ability to successfully lean into pop, rock, and R&B. With six studio albums and thirty-three singles (eleven as a featured artist) under their belt, Demi has placed themself as one of the best vocalists of the last decade, and presumably, of all time.

In addition to their vocal range and ability, Lovato's lyrics and stories are honest and meaningful. From emotional ballads to powerful pop anthems, Lovato has continuously proven that even as they evolve and their music evolves with them, Demi will always produce the quality music that we've come to expect from them.

So without further ado, here are our favorite Demi Lovato songs, in no particular order.

"Get Back" (Don't Forget, 2008)

Demi really leaned into rock influences at the beginning of their music career, and simply put, it worked.

"Fire Starter" (Demi, 2013)

Although it was just an album track, the powerful yet bouncy beat makes this track one you want on repeat.

"Here We Go Again" (Here We Go Again, 2009)

This track has all of the drama you could ever want in a song and more. So much drama, you somehow end up feeling personally wronged by the time the song is over.

"Sober" (2018)

Few songs are as honest as this one, and you can truly hear the honesty and pain in Demi's voice.

"Don't Forget" (Don't Forget, 2008)

With such a delicate opening that leads to a powerful rock section, on top of a relatable story, this track is simply unforgettable.

"Skyscraper" (Unbroken, 2011)

"Skyscraper" marked the first time Demi really opened up about some of their struggles and you can definitely feel that Demi's pouring all of themself into this song. The simultaneous fragility and strength in their voice make for a really moving vocal, so this one absolutely stands out in their discography, and it will remain a standout even as time goes by.

"Cool for the Summer" (Confident, 2015)

Indeed, a perfect summer pop anthem. But also, a gay pride anthem.

"Sorry Not Sorry" (Tell Me You Love Me, 2017)

Demi's Tell Me You Love Me was filled with tracks worthy of this list, but the record's lead single packed an especially powerful pop punch.

"Neon Lights" (Demi, 2013)

Aside from being extraordinarily catchy and dancey, Demi's vocals are notable as well. Demi sings one of the lowest notes they have ever done and Demi concludes with some of their highest notes.

"Daddy Issues" (Tell Me You Love Me, 2017)

The production on this one makes for a remarkably engaging track alongside the deeply personal lyrics.

"Fix a Heart" (Unbroken, 2011)

"Fix a Heart" is heartbreaking, but still perfectly balanced with some surprisingly light production.

"Give Your Heart a Break" (Unbroken, 2011)

In addition to introducing Demi as a young adult artist, this track introduced them as a pop powerhouse.

"Got Dynamite" (Here We Go Again, 2009)

"Got Dynamite" is groovy, rugged, and memorable. We've rarely heard Demi in this way, but there's no denying it is a standout moment.

"I Hate You, Don't Leave Me" (Demi, 2013)

Although it was only a Target bonus track, this song stands up with the best of Demi's discography.

"La La Land" (Don't Forget, 2008)

Hearing what we have from Demi now makes their earlier work even more impressive, like the rock-influenced "La La Land." Demi has proven their ability to transcend genres and make incredible music whether flexing their rock, pop, or R&B influences.

"Old Ways" (Confident, 2015)

"Old Ways" is simply addicting, with a driving beat and determined vocals.

"For the Love of a Daughter" (Unbroken, 2011)

Brutally honest and heartbreaking, "For the Love of a Daughter" is just beautifully done.

"Only Forever" (Tell Me You Love Me, 2017)

With significantly more R&B influences, "Only Forever" is smoother, sexier, and more soulful than most of what we've heard from Demi.

"Heart Attack" (Demi, 2013)

Honestly, Demi has perfected the task of picking lead singles and, as the record's lead single, "Heart Attack" lives up to that statement.

"Stop The World" (Here We Go Again, 2009)

One of Demi's gentler tracks, "Stop The World" certainly doesn't suffer from its simplicity.

"The Middle" (Don't Forget, 2008)

"The Middle" is early Demi, but still very complex, and a track that you end up coming back to again and again.

Article last updated 5/20/2021

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