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As we approach Sept. 7, the one year anniversary of Mac Miller's passing, we wanted to remember the Pittsburgh rapper and his musical legacy.

Despite his untimely death, Miller released 5 studio albums, 13 mixtapes, and 2 EPs, and was widely respected and loved by his fans, friends, and peers alike. Miller's evolution over the years, from frat rapper to true experimentalist, showcased his musical genius and cemented him as one of the most progressive artists of our time.

So, without further ado, as a tribute to the late rapper, here are 20 of our favorite Mac Miller songs.

"BDE Bonus" (Best Day Ever, 2011)

A classic Mac song. "BDE Bonus" is simply the title track with a more laidback beat, but truthfully, only "BDE Bonus" does his lyrics and flow justice.

"Clarity" (Macadelic, 2012)

There's no denying that Mac's vocals and some smooth production are a perfect pair.

"Dang!" feat. Anderson .Paak (The Divine Feminine, 2016)

With Anderson .Paak assisting on this funky track, it's difficult to not find yourself grooving.

"Diamonds & Gold" (Blue Slide Park, 2011)

Although this is not one of Mac's biggest songs, this track stands out on Blue Slide Park and throughout his discography.

"Frick Park Market" (Blue Slide Park, 2011)

Referencing Pittsburgh's Frick Park Market, this is one of many Mac songs that Pittsburgh holds close to their hearts. It's also worth noting the now-infamous Blue Slide Park appears in the video.

"Knock Knock" (K.I.D.S., 2010)

Mac first appeared on Billboard’s charts in March 2011 with “Knock Knock.” While seemingly just a fun party song, this song was the soundtrack to many people's high school years.

"Brand Name" (GO:OD AM, 2015)

With the lyric "To everyone who sell me drugs / Don't mix it with that bullshit / I'm hoping not to join the twenty seven club," this song is, unfortunately, hard to ignore these days.

"Party on Fifth Ave." (Blue Slide Park, 2011)

For Pittsburgh fans, this ode to the city's Fifth Ave. will always be a party anthem.

"Missed Calls" (Blue Slide Park, 2011)

One of the more popular tracks off of Blue Slide Park, "Missed Calls" also showcases Mac's talent over some more lowkey production.

"Objects in the Mirror" (Watching Movies with the Sound Off, 2013)

Featuring Mac slowing it down to sing on a jazz-inspired track, "Objects in the Mirror" is all about love.

"Thoughts from a Balcony" (Macadelic, 2012)

"Thoughts from a Balcony" is one of Mac's first moves into deeper and more thoughtful work and gives a small look into the beginning of Mac's musical evolution.

"2009" (Swimming, 2018)

Accompanied by minimal keys, finger-snaps, and drums, Mac reflects on life, specifically before his breakthrough in 2010.

"Weekend" feat. Miguel (GO:OD AM, 2015)

A standout on GO:OD AM, this is one of many tracks where Mac gets really honest. “I been having trouble sleeping / Battling these demons / Wondering what’s the thing that keeps me breathing / Is it money, fame or neither.”

"Ladders" (Swimming, 2018)

One of the only upbeat tracks on Swimming, "Ladders" showcases Mac's genius flow all while Mac grapples with heartbreak and his mental state.

"Smile Back" (Blue Slide Park, 2011)

A high-energy track reminiscent of his early mixtape years, "Smile Back" cleverly addresses his haters.

"Someone Like You" (Watching Movies with the Sound Off, 2013)

Backed by some seriously smooth production, Mac raps about fame, drug use and abuse, and his mental health.

"My Favorite Part" feat. Ariana Grande (The Divine Feminine, 2016)

Mac and Ariana bring out the gentler sides of each other here, both delivering vocals perfectly paired with the groovy and soulful production.

"Cruise Control" feat. Wiz Khalifa (The High Life, 2009)

Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa served this up for Pittsburgh, enough said.

"The Spins" (K.I.D.S., 2010)

Perfectly displaying Mac's early days as a frat rapper, "The Spins" is the ultimate soundtrack to the carefree fun of anyone's youth.

"Youforia" (Watching Movies with the Sound Off, 2013)

With Mac singing instead of rapping, "Youforia" is a simple, lightweight love song that showcases, yet again, the experimentalist in Mac.

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Article image: Mac Miller at splash! Festival in 2017. (Nicolas Völcker [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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