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Center Stage on Live365: CGCM Rock Radio

Center Stage on Live365 this week is CGCM Rock Radio - "What Rock Radio Should Be!" We spoke with station manager Rich Dillon about their history with radio, their station's programming, and we got some music recommendations. Check out the interview below!

What made you get started in radio?

A mixture of podcasting, blogging, and childhood DJ dreams.

What brought you to Live365?

Some Google searching

What's your favorite part about running your own radio station?

Actually, listening to it!

Tell us about your station's programming. What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?

We are a group of music passionate geeks from Canada, the U.S., U.K., and Sweden. Our station plays the big hits, but more likely the deep cuts and lesser known bands across a variety of sub-genres of rock and metal, including hard rock, heavy metal, NWOBHM, power metal, classic rock, punk, symphonic, blues, glam, sleaze, and more. Our DJs are all super enthusiastic and love showcasing and introducing folks to new and different music. We have several DJ shows (find our schedule here) as well as AutoDJ in between pulling from out catalogue of over 10,000 songs - repeats are unheard of at CGCM Rock Radio!

Name one artist that you play on your station that is underrated in your opinion.

There are so very many, it's our specialty, but one is Lady Beast from Pittsburgh.

What's your favorite music memory/moment?

Meeting and talking to some of my heroes through the CGCM (Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal) Podcast and becoming bonafide friends with a few along the way.

Please list your top 5 or 10 songs.

Listen to CGCM Rock Radio on, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

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