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Center Stage on Live365: Seasons & Celebrations Radio

Center Stage on Live365 this week is Seasons & Celebrations Radio - "Music for Every Month of the Year 24/7." We spoke with station manager Thomas Callahan about their history with radio, their station's programming, and we got some music recommendations. Check out the interview below!

What made you get started in radio?

I originally took a radio training workshop. From there, I started as a folk radio announcer and would challenge listeners to call in requests for any topic and they would often call in seasonal and holiday songs. So, I thought this would make a great station.

What brought you to Live365?

After leaving terrestrial radio this was a great option.

What's your favorite part about running your own radio station?

Finding new music and sharing it!

Tell us about your station's programming. What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?

We celebrate all the seasons and holidays, so it's a great companion every month. Right now for December, we're all about winter and holiday music!

Throughout the year though, this means:

  • January - New Year's: Upbeat, positive songs of celebration
  • February - Valentine's Day: Love songs
    • Last weekend in February - Black History Month: Songs by African- American artists
  • March - St. Patrick's Day: Contemporary and traditional Irish tunes, and pub songs
    • Last weekend in March - Women's History Month: Songs by women from many genres
  • April and May - Spring: Spring-themed songs
    • April - Earth Day: Songs to celebrate and save the Earth
    • May - Mother's Day: Mom songs
  • June, July, August, and September - Summer: Summer songs and hits from summer's past
    • June - Father's Day: Dad songs
    • Last weekend in June - Pride: Songs from LGBTQ singers
    • July - Independence Day: Patriotic music and songs about any state, city, or town in America
    • September - Labor Day: Traditional and contemporary work songs
  • September, October, and November - Fall: Songs about autumn
    • October - Halloween: Songs about the night, moon, magic, and classic Halloween tunes
    • November - Thanksgiving: Songs about home, food, family, friends, and Thanksgiving
  • December - Christmas: Winter and holiday songs

Name one artist that you play on your station that is underrated in your opinion.

Cheryl Wheeler - a beautiful singer and songwriter

What's your favorite music memory/moment?

Riding in a car with the older teenagers listening to "Good Day Sunshine" by The Beatles on the radio as we went to go swimming on the lake.

Please list your top 5 or 10 songs.

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