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Chance the Rapper Performs 'Child of God' on 'Colbert'

Chance the Rapper was a guest on yesterday’s (April 11) episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Not only did the rapper perform his new single "Child of God" for fans, he also had a chat with Stephen about the artwork behind the music, as well as Chance's new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

First, Chance talked to Stephen about his trip to Ghana and how he met artist Naila Opiangah, who influenced the visual art for his new song. She also appears in "Child of God's" music video.

“We started to realize how many similarities and parallels that there are in the arts world of music and the arts world of the fine arts,” Chance recounted. “And how easy it is for the artist and the art to become commodified, and how little of a say, a lot of times, the artists have in how their conversations get communicated.”

After that, Chance and Stephen got to talking about Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Chance discussed his new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Mint Chocolate Chance. He also talked about trying out Stephen's Ben & Jerry's flavor, Americone Dream. Chance noted that the proceeds from his flavor will go to further the work of his Chicago-based charity, SocialWorks.

Finally, Chance performed his latest single "Child of God." He sat in front of Nalia Opiangah's painting while being accompanied by a small orchestra and several back-up singers. The video of the performance also includes the lyrics as text in the middle of the screen.

“Child of God” features Moses Sumney and was released back in March. Chance the Rapper’s last album, The Big Day, came out in 2019. Chance has been teasing a new record recently. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the album's rollout "will similarly feature new songs and collaborations with artists. The goal is to bring the artists front-and-center, make their work more accessible, and celebrate experiencing art in a communal space."

Watch Chance's Colbert performance of "Child of God" below.

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Article Image: Chance the Rapper reaches a hand out while performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2017. (Julio Enriquez [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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