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Watch Christina Aguilera & Mya Perform 'Lady Marmalade' at Los Angeles Pride

One of the most iconic songs of the aughts was just performed at Los Angeles Pride by Christina Aguilera and Mya! The artists sang the 2001 hit "Lady Marmalade" from the film Moulin Rouge! for the crowd.

The track was performed during Aguilera's Saturday headlining set at the event (June 11). Originally released in 1974 by Eleventh Hour, "Lady Marmalade" was re-recorded by Mya, Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, and P!nk for the soundtrack to 2001’s Moulin Rouge! It subsequently went to #1 in both the U.S. and U.K.

During LA Pride, Aguilera and her dancers performed a medley of Moulin Rouge! hits before Mya joined her for "Lady Marmalade." “Thank you so much for doing this,” Aguilera said. “Mya, ladies and gentleman.” Mya's appearance wasn't totally unexpected. Last week, Variety reported there would be a mini-reunion of "Lady Marmalade" with Mya in attendance.

“Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for having me tonight. I’m so honored and so grateful. And thank you for your love and support over the last 20+ years,” Aguilera told the crowd, according to Rolling Stone.

“You’re my family. I’m so happy to always give a voice or try to [give one to] anyone that feels like they’re suppressed or outcast. That’s what I’ve always tried to bring [with my music] I’m so proud to call you my family… you are a part of me and I’m so happy to bring this to you… we wanted to give you such a great time tonight.”

In related news, the singer just released Aguilera – her ninth studio album and second Spanish-language album. She will also be performing in the U.K. this summer. Tour info can be found here.

Watch a clip of Aguilera and Mya's performance below.

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Article Image: Christina Aguilera in 2022 at the Billboard Women in Music Awards, Mya in 2017 at a Grammy-related event. (PopularImages and Jean_Nelson via DepositPhotos.)

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