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Iconic Closed Record Stores Honored in New Exclusive T-Shirt Collection

To celebrate Record Store Day 2019, Danish headphone brand AIAIAI is launching a t-shirt series called RPM-RIP. Curated by graphic designer, DJ, and musician Trevor Jackson, the series consists of six t-shirts commemorating six iconic record stores that have closed in recent years.

Copenhagen's Street Dance Records, London’s Groove Records, Paris' Salinas, Berlin's Pinky, Tokyo’s Cisco, and New York City’s Kim’s Video & Music are the six record stores that are being honored. Artists and designers Check Morris, Zongamin, Braulio Amado, Planet Luke aka. Luca Lozano, Peter Michael Willer, and Trevor Jackson contributed to the collection.

All proceeds go toward the RPM Foundation, which is a fund to support up-and-coming musicians and DJs. T-shirts will be limited to 50 per city and are priced at $50 USD.

“I spent a large part of my youth in a basement of record stores obsessively digging through racks of vinyl learning as much about design as I did record labels, writers, musicians, producers, and engineers,” Jackson said in a statement. “None of these stores exist anymore, rents rise, cities evolve, formats change, but the cultural impact of them live on.”

T-shirts are on sale now on AIAIAI’s website. Visit AIAIAI’s website for more information and to view the t-shirts.

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Article image: Jake Noren via Unsplash.

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