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Jeff Tweedy Soundtracks Gregory Crewdson’s Photography Video

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy has written some new music for a video that accompanies photographer Gregory Crewdson’s collection An Eclipse of Moths.

The collection, which debuted this week at the Gagosian in Los Angeles, is showing until Nov. 21.

Regarding the collection, Crewdson said, “These pictures are a meditation on brokenness, a search, a longing, and a yearning for meaning and transcendence. The figures are surrounded by vast decaying industrial landscapes and the impinging nature – and there’s a certain underlying suggestion of anxiety. But I hope in the end the theme of nature persisting, and of figures seeking out light, offers hope for renewal, even redemption.”

In addition to contributing music for the project, Tweedy wrote for a limited-edition book of An Eclipse for Moths that’s being released by Aperture.

Check out the video featuring Tweedy's music below.

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Article Image: Jeff Tweedy performing in January 2012. (Tristan Loper [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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