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John Carpenter Announces Soundtrack for Stephen King Movie Adaptation 'Firestarter'

John Carpenter, the filmmaker/composer behind the Halloween franchise, has announced the soundtrack for Firestarter, a new film adaptation of the Stephen King thriller.

Carpenter is joined by Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies on the project, and the record is set for digital release May 13 via Back Lot Music. It's the same day as the film’s theatrical and streaming Peacock release. A vinyl, CD, and cassette will then be released on October 14.

The new Keith Thomas-directed film, starring Zac Efron and Ryan Kiera Armstrong, is about a little girl with pyrokinetic powers. The book was published by Stephen King in September of 1980.

So far, Carpenter has released the end titles music for the film and has unveiled the full tracklist. The vinyl, CD, and cassette tape versions of the soundtrack can be pre-ordered here.

In other John Carpenter news, the composer released the soundtrack for the film Halloween Kills back in October of 2021. His most recent instrumental album, Lost Themes III: Alive After Death, came out earlier this year.

Listen to Firestarter's end titles song and see the full tracklist below.


01 Mother’s Love
02 Lot 6 (Main Titles)
03 Are You Scared of Me?
04 Dodge Ball Heats Up
05 Corporate Menace
06 Burned Hands
07 Rainbird Fights Vicky
08 Bless Mommy
09 Flashback Kills
10 Police Arrive
11 Sniper Attack
12 Charlie Alone
13 Charlie’s Power
14 I’ll Find You
15 Charlie’s Rampage
16 Rampage Ends
17 Firestarter (End Titles)

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Article Image: 2010 portrait of John Carpenter looking at the camera while in front of a black wall. (Nathan Hartley Maas [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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