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LCD Soundsystem to Release Amazon Music Holiday Special Featuring Sitcom Segment & Performance

LCD Soundsystem is contributing their own holiday special this season: a ’90s-style-sitcom spoof, featuring actors portraying members of the band and their team, followed by a concert special from the real band.

"The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special" is produced by Amazon Music and airs on both Prime Video and Amazon Music’s Twitch channel December 22 at 9pm ET/6pm PT. The sitcom-within-a-special pre-show is titled "All My Friends" after the band's 2007 single of the same name.

Eric Wareheim of “Tim & Eric” directed the special and stars as LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy in the sitcom pre-show. Other cast members include Macaulay Culkin as drummer Pat Mahoney, Christine Ko as keyboard player Nancy Whang, Tony Cavalero as synth player Nick Millhiser, Cory Loykasek as guitarist Al Doyle, Aparna Nancherla as synth player Abby Echiverri, Jon Daly as bassist Tyler Pope, Rex Lee as band manager Brian Graf, and Luenell as the band’s tour manager. Synth player Korey Rickey will be portrayed by a puppet in the show.

After the sitcom pre-show, LCD Soundsystem will play a "career-spanning set" that includes the first live performance of their 2015 single “Christmas Will Break Your Heart.”

“I can’t believe Amazon Music is letting us do this. I’ve already conquered film, James has conquered music, but we have yet to conquer the sitcom—the HIGHEST form of art,” Wareheim said in a statement. “We’ve been working on this project for 15 years, and for this show, we’re unveiling a uniquely emotional perspective of the sitcom universe for the holidays—provided by one of the greatest bands of all time and my dear friends, LCD Soundsystem. I can’t believe Amazon Music is letting us do this.”

“I am similarly stunned that someone let us do this,” LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy added in his own statement. “At least we finally get to use our Korey puppet.”

In other LCD Soundsystem news, the group is wrapping up their 20-night residency at Brooklyn Steel, with a final show on December 21. The residency represents the first shows in three years for the group, which officially broke up in 2011 but reunited a few years later. As for what's in store for 2022, LCD Soundsytem was just announced as one of the headliners (along with The Strokes) for an inaugural This Ain’t No Picnic festival outside the Rose Bowl in California on August 27-28.

See the LCD Soundsystem holiday special trailer below.

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Article Image: Frontman James Murphy sings into a microphone at an LCD Soundsystem performance at a music festival. Green light bursts behind him. (benhoudijk via DepositPhotos.)

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