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Communities are no longer restricted by physical location thanks to the internet. Both communities based on physical location, such as cities, towns, and local groups, and communities based online, like fandoms and trade groups, can utilize the internet in similar ways. In fact, the lines between communities based on physical location and online communities are largely blurred now. Many communities based on physical location have begun to utilize things like websites and social media, but there is further opportunity to be had with the internet.

Internet radio can be an incredibly valuable tool in communities. However, internet radio is a tool that is largely unlocked both in local communities and online communities, despite how beneficial it can be for strengthening communities. At Live365, we are simply here to help you begin to unlock the potential of internet radio in your community.

Showcasing Your Community

An internet radio station is a unique marketing and promotional tool outside of and inside your community. Since an internet radio station is accessible across the world, you have the ability to speak to the whole world. This is especially helpful for online communities who want to be accessible to potential new members. And, even if you are a local community, meaning your focus is marketing to the community in which you are physically located, an internet radio station is a great way to engage your community as well as make your community accessible to those who visit and those who never even step foot in your community.

Ultimately, your radio station can be that extra opportunity to engage with people, both inside and outside of your community. Your goal can be to increase awareness of your community, foster a feeling of fellowship within your community, or anything else for that matter. Your radio station is just another tool that can assist you with achieving the goals that you have. You can program your station however you would like, so everything is authentic to your community.

Especially given the fact that internet radio is still an unlocked tool, having a radio station will absolutely make your community unique. Not only that, but you'll have another channel to promote your community, including announcing events, promoting local or related businesses, and showcasing anything else that makes your community special.

Also, having community leaders involved with your radio station can be helpful with creating a positive community image. A radio station that features leaders working together, and enjoying doing so, showcases the friendly, cooperative atmosphere of your community.

Benefits for Your Community

As a community leader, you are always looking to generally strengthen your community, provide for your community, and create opportunities for engaging experiences. Internet radio is a tool that can be extremely helpful in all of those endeavors.

Undoubtedly, a community radio station is the perfect location to talk about community events, local or related businesses, local or related issues, and any other happenings within the community. This can have incredible benefits on the local businesses and economy, and it can help a community grow to become more involved and inclusive. A radio station could also be especially helpful with electing government officials or community leaders and generally keeping the community informed.

If you have any musically inclined community members or community members interested in showing their talents off through talk radio pieces, an internet radio station can be a great way to showcase those members and help them achieve their own personal goals.

Additionally, a radio station provides an opportunity to connect with your community in a new way. As a leader, keeping in touch with your community is important, especially since it is easy to become disconnected from community members. So, a radio station provides you with another avenue to ensure you are connected.

As a community member, simply tuning into a radio station is an incredibly easy way to stay engaged and up to date with your community. Not only that, but a radio station helps to generally unite community members outside of events and social media.

Keep in mind that if your internet radio station continues to grow, you may even begin to generate a new revenue stream for your community!

So, if you would like to start a station for your community and join the fruitful internet radio world, Live365 has got you covered! We are a one-stop-shop for your internet radio station, providing you with powerful streaming tools, licensing, monetization, and listening distribution. You can get started here, or email us at

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