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Did you know that Live365 has a Knowledge Base filled with tutorials and answers to the most common questions broadcasters ask? While we’re always happy to chat with you about any concerns or questions you may have, you may want to check out our Knowledge Base first to see if you can get a quick answer to your questions.

Note that our Knowledge Base is now located at


The Knowledge Base is broken down into a number of different sections, including:

For more general questions regarding system requirements and station content, check out the overview section.

Dashboard Interface
Looking to get familiar with the dashboard? This is where you'll find all information regarding dashboard navigation.

Pricing, Packages, Features
Not sure what package is right for you? Find our pricing and packages detailed here.

Tools and Tutorials
Whether you just started a station or need a refresher on how to do certain things within your account, Tools and Tutorials is a great place to start. This section contains a glossary as well as valuable information on how to set up and use your station for the first time.

Managing Files, Metadata and Categories
This section covers all aspects of library management. You'll find info about file formats, metadata, and Live365-internal ways of organizing your library.

Playlists, ClockWheels, Scheduler
For information regarding programming your station within the Live365 interface, check out this section. You'll learn more about how to create playlists, utilize ClockWheels, and schedule events.

LiveDJ Tutorials
This section gives an overview of third-party software that can enhance your station's programming, whether your broadcast is automated or live. There are many third-party programs that are compatible with Live365. This section gives an in-depth look at each program and how to configure them with your Live365 station.

Have billing questions? Check out this section.

Account Information
Forgot your password or have questions about things like total listening hours (TLH)? This section can help you out with that.

Licensing and Legal
When it comes to radio broadcasting, there are licensing requirements and other legal concerns. Live365 covers your music licensing, but what exactly does that mean for your station and what do you need to know? Find out all that and more in this section.

Promote Your Station
This section offers tips and tricks on how to gain and retain listeners. In addition to using social media, you can add your station to various radio directories. You can also find more information about promoting your station on the Live365 blog.

Terms of Service
Read our Terms of Service and Advertising Revenue Share Program here.

We’re always updating and adding to the Knowledge Base, and broadcasters can expect to see more tutorials and even some videos in the future! As always, if you need any assistance past the Knowledge Base, email us at and the Support team will be glad to assist you.

Also note that in addition to the Knowledge Base, our Help Desk contains:

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