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Online Radio Directories

In the world of internet radio, directories are central locations where people can easily view and search a list of radio stations. Radio directories are often categorized in various ways to make searching easier. Directories don't only benefit listeners, they can also help you grow your audience.

Live365 Directory

By using the Live365 platform to broadcast, your station is listed in our online directory. Visitors to both the Live365 website and Live365 mobile apps have the opportunity to discover your station based on genre.

However, for more exposure to help build your audience, we recommend adding your station to additional directories beyond Live365.

Additional Radio Directories

There are plenty of other great online radio directories. Although you have to take the time and effort to submit your station to directories, it will ultimately be extremely helpful in growing your station and making it more discoverable.

This is by no means a complete list as there are tons of directories, so some Google searches will provide a lot more options that you can submit to. In fact, there are many specified directories, so if your station fits into some different categories, look for directories that are aimed at those categories.

Clearly, there are tons of directories out there and this isn't even all of them! The more directories that your radio station is featured in, the more discoverable it is and the more likely it is that you will gain listeners. Obviously, submitting your station is time consuming, so set an easy goal for yourself to submit to 2 new directories every week, for example. If you set a small, attainable goal such as this, pretty soon your station will be on tons of directories, making it that much more discoverable!

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