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Lorde Gets Spiritual in New 'Mood Ring' Music Video

Lorde has released another new single from her upcoming album, Solar Power. The jam is called "Mood Ring" and arrives with a music video that sees a blonde Lorde and her posse getting spiritual with stones, ice, sage, and circle formations.

As was the case with her other recent singles "Solar Power" and "Stoned at the Nail Salon," “Mood Ring” was written and produced by Lorde and Jack Antonoff and features background vocals from Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo. The music video was co-directed by Lorde and Joel Kefali - who also directed the video for "Solar Power" and "Royals" back in 2013.

Lorde released a statement about her third Solar Power single:

"This is a song I am very excited about, it’s so much fun to me. Obviously when making this album I did a deep-dive into ’60s, Flower Child culture. I wanted to understand the commune life, dropping out from society and trying to start again. That really resonated to me when writing this album. One thing that occurred to me as a major parallel between that time and our time is our wellness culture and our culture of spirituality, pseudo-spirituality, wellness, pseudo-wellness. Things like eating a macro-biotic vegan diet or burning sage, keeping crystals, reading tarot cards or your horoscope. These were all things that they were dabbling in back then, and that me and my girlfriends are dabbling in today. I was like 'I think there’s a pop song in here.' So this is kind of my extremely satirical look at all of those vibes."

Lorde spoke with over 23,000 fans on a YouTube livestream before the video was released Tuesday, sharing her inspiration behind the track and saying it’s one of her favorites off Solar Power.

“I thought ‘Mood Ring’ was a really cool metaphor for the kind-of magical thinking that we all employ at times to feel well,” she explained. “I think about this sometimes when I’m reading my horoscope and I’m bending it to make it what I need it at that moment.”

Solar Power is Lorde’s third studio album and the follow-up to 2017’s Grammy-nominated Melodrama. It’s out this Friday, August 20, and can be pre-ordered here. The album’s press cycle has included Lorde’s rooftop performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, day drinking with Seth Meyers, and an appearance on Hot Ones.

Watch the "Mood Ring" music video below.

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