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November 2019 Featured Team Member: Michelle Ruoff

The featured Media Creek, Inc. team member for the month of November is Michelle Ruoff, our Brand Manager! Media Creek, Inc. is comprised of Live365, EmpireStreaming, and Abovecast.

Michelle has always had a passion for music, entertainment, and pop culture. She realized her place within the entertainment industry when she enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh. With a communication and business dual degree from Pitt as well as a variety of experience within the music industry, Michelle brings her entertainment interest as well as her marketing knowledge to Live365. In her spare time, she is likely working out, discovering new music, bingeing YouTube or TV shows, or enjoying sports or other outdoor activities.


Hey Michelle! Tell me, what all do you do for Media Creek?

As the Brand Manager, I take care of a lot of our marketing and PR tasks, like managing Facebook and Google ads, creating and distributing press releases, monitoring our search performance, evaluating and redesigning our marketing strategy, and so forth. I also primarily run our social media, and write for and manage the Live365 blog. Aside from marketing, I help out with writing for and managing the Live365 help desk, assist with some miscellaneous HR tasks, and manage our Abovecast, EmpireStreaming, and Live365 Pro ad revenue share payout process. Although most of my time is spent in the marketing realm, I get to take part in a handful of other realms too, which makes the job even more rewarding.

What would you say is the best part about working for Media Creek?

As the one who usually conducts this interview and hears everyone's answers, I don't want to repeat the answer many have given, but I cannot deny the fact that the people that I get to work with make the job really enjoyable. Although we primarily all work remotely, which is also a great benefit of working here, the way that we are all able to still connect is pretty extraordinary. Also, as I mentioned, the diverse responsibilities that I have is a really rewarding part for me because I am able to constantly learn more and have new experiences, allowing me to grow in my role. I truly value having a kind of independence, the space to grow, and not feeling restricted by a role, and here, I always feel encouraged to grow, improve, and develop new skills.

I know it's a tough question, but if you had to pick just ONE music genre to listen to for the rest of your life, what would that be?

This question feels like some kind of punishment for me because music is really my thing and the music I listen to is so dependent on my mood. But, I guess I can live with myself if I say pop, solely because there is a lot of space for pop to interact with other genres and elements. So, I'd still get some variety with the hip hop features, R&B and electronic influences, alt-pop, pop punk, etc.

Who is your all-time favorite band/artist?

Hmm, I'm also not much of a favorite artist kind of person. Back in the day, I was all about Fifth Harmony - the music, message, friendship, fandom, all of it. They were really what opened my eyes up to the fascinating world of music business. Now, I guess I'd have to put Beyonce at the top just because aside from the music being phenomenal, her stage presence and dominance in pop culture is truly incredible. It's really about the whole artist for me, and she's totally on a level of her own.

I realize Beyonce isn't much of a unique answer, but if I get talking about the artists I have on replay currently and just music in general, we'll be here all day.

What's your favorite song by Beyonce?

"Sweet Dreams," but really only because it is one of those songs with a lot of great memories associated with it. Beyonce has tons of songs that I feel are truly superior, but sometimes you just have to face the fact that the songs with the memories attached are extra special.

What's your favorite station on Live365?

I do tend to switch it up a good bit, but one I always go back to is Divas Hustle Radio. I love the music, the theme, the message, just everything about the station.

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