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Pearl Jam Named Record Store Day 2019 Ambassador

Yesterday, Pearl Jam was named the official ambassador of Record Store Day 2019. Taking place on April 13 this year, Record Store Day occurs annually at independent record stores around the world.

Along with the news, Pearl Jam shared a video featuring guitarist Mike McCready in a record store discussing the important role record stores have played in his life.

McCready said in a statement, “Independent record stores are hugely important to me, and have been ever since I was 12 years-old.” “Before I even really knew what they were – there was a certain feeling of ‘this is a dream come true,’ and it’s a wonderland and there’s so much to learn in here… and it’s still that way.”

“Support every independent record store that you can… It kind of takes an effort, you have to look for something that you want; you have to talk to people. I had to talk to people to figure out which Aerosmith record to get first or anything back in the day. It’s a place to learn. It’s a place to have fun. And it’s a place to discover new music.”

Past Record Store Day ambassadors include rap duo Run the Jewels, St. Vincent, Metallica, and Iggy Pop.

Although the list of exclusive albums that will be available at participating record stores this spring has not been released yet, there will be plenty of promo from Pearl Jam leading up to the annual vinyl collector's holiday. A complete list of participating retailers is available on the Record Store Day website.

Check out the announcement video featuring Mike McCready below.

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Article image: Pearl Jam (singer Eddie Vedder and drummer Matt Cameron pictured) performing in 2013 at the Barclays Centre, Brooklyn. (Lugnuts [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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