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The Benefits of Push Notifications in the Live365 Custom Mobile App

We recently released custom mobile apps as an add-on to Broadcast 1-3 and bundled in our premium packages. The custom single-station app now has an exciting new feature: push notification capability! What does this mean for you?

Main benefit:

A push notification enables direct communication with listeners. And when it comes to building listener loyalty, nothing is more valuable than a direct connection with your audience. When a listener downloads your custom app, they will have the ability to opt-in to notifications from your app. So, you now have a way to engage with your audience without any outside noise (like there is with social media).

Use cases:

  • Show airing at a specific time
    Set notifications to encourage listeners to tune in to special shows. For example, send one the morning of your special afternoon show as a reminder to listeners. Then, you can also set a push notification to alert listeners at 12:58pm ET to tune in.

  • Giveaway winner
    Notify listeners about the winner of a giveaway that happened on air. Perhaps there's even a whole series of notifications around a giveaway: the launch details, reminder to tune in for the winner, a follow-up announcing the winner, etc.

  • Reminder to listen in on the drive to work
    Set a recurring notification to send to listeners at 8am for their morning commute everyday, or on select days like Monday.

  • Updates coming to your station or Live365
    Alert listeners when you are making programming changes or when there are relevant listener feature releases from Live365, that improve the listening experience.

  • New host news
    Use the push notifications to share with your listeners when new hosts are joining! For example, tell your listeners when your new host is going on air for the very first time.

These are just a couple use cases. There are lots of ways to utilize the push notification feature, depending on your specific station programming and needs. There's just one thing to remember though: while push notifications are a fantastic way to communicate with listeners – just as with anything else, such as social media or email – you must strike a balance with your frequency of notifications. You want to keep your audience in the loop and engaged, but you don't want to bombard them and turn them off from your station!

The custom mobile app is bundled in our premium packages (Broadcast 4 and 5) and available as an add-on to any other package (Broadcast 1-3) for just $49/month. If you're an existing Live365 broadcaster, get the add-on by clicking here. (If you already have a custom mobile app developed by Live365, your app must be rebuilt with the push notification capability. Contact our Setups Team at to request your rebuild. For more information, visit this page.)

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