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Radio Advice YouTube Channels Every Broadcaster Should Watch

While we do our best to provide you with the most helpful tips and tricks here on the Live365 blog, we'll admit...sometimes we expand our own horizons by poring through broadcasting information from other sources. One great way to get more knowledge is by turning to YouTube – the definitive video-sharing platform on the internet.

It's true that you can find practically everything on YouTube: including videos with advice for broadcasters. On YouTube, you can discover vlogs from disc jockeys hard at work in their studios, life hack videos for new broadcasters, and even radio tutorials made for hardcore techies. Even Live365 has its own YouTube channel! (Which you should totally subscribe to.)

Besides the Live365 channel, here are a few other great channels related to broadcasting (and podcasting) that we believe are worth your time. Find them below!

Music Radio Creative

Helmed by Robin Banks, Mike Russell, and more talented audiophiles, Music Radio Creative launched a YouTube channel in 2013 and has had plenty of experience working with clients in the broadcasting, djing, podcasting, advertising, and business fields. You're bound to find a video within their list of uploads that will appeal to you.

Their uploads range from helpful-yet-short tip and trick videos to sound effects and jingles viewers can use. They even have content for voiceover artists! We particularly love Robin Banks' minute-long advice videos. Seriously: they include genius nuggets of wisdom for broadcasters almost no one else would ever think of.

Mike Russell

And while Robin Banks' videos shine on the Music Radio Creative channel, Mike Russell's videos shine on his own personal YouTube channel. Russell's vids are for experienced broadcasters who already know everything from a presenting and marketing standpoint, but need more advice when it comes to editing their radio or podcast show.

Russell's uploads cover all kinds of software: from Adobe Audition to Audacity and even Premiere Pro. What makes his channel unique is that he has editing tutorials for fun sound effects – such as making your voice sound demonic or how to make your voice sound like Santa Claus! You'll pick up several valuable new editing skills just from browsing through Mike's channel.


While CoreyonRadio isn't as active on YouTube these days, his videos are priceless for aspiring broadcasters. On his channel, you'll find several interviews and experiences from his life as a radio personality. You'll also find uploads with pro tips, broadcasting hacks, and even advice for podcasters.

Corey's videos are specifically helpful if you're struggling with building more personal connections with your audience. Corey's worked with the talent coaching group that handles nationally syndicated shows like On Air with Ryan Seacrest, The Bobby Bones Show, and more – and it's a gift that he's willing to share his knowledge across YouTube!

HAM Radio for Non-Techies

This channel is for audiophiles who love tinkering with radios in a physical sense. HAM Radio for Non-Techies is a hands-on channel created for those interested in getting into the hobby/art of HAM radio. Channel host Scott has discussions about radios and attempts to translate the technical terminology involved with HAM radio to help make it more digestible.

Besides advice, Scott also provides viewers with product recommendations, building tutorials, and videos showing off his personal setups. Any HAM radio question you have, we guarantee you Scott has an answer.

That's all of our YouTube channel recommendations for today! We hope you find your new favorite YouTuber to subscribe to. Have fun watching, and happy broadcasting!

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