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Radio Sweepers, Jingles, and IDs

Identifying your station on-air is a great way to further brand your station and segue from one song to the next or to transition your audience back from a commercial break. Whether you call them sweepers, jingles, or station IDs (among many other terms), there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Do I Need?


Sweepers should generally be no longer than 20 seconds. So what should be said in your sweeper? At a minimum, include your station name and your tagline. Perhaps you might consider something like “You’re listening to the best [Insert kind of programming on your station] on [Insert station name]” or "[Insert station name], playing all the [insert genre] hits, all the time." Whatever you choose, it should be short, sweet, and to the point.


Your sweeper can be just voice, or you can include sound effects and/or a little melody. It's all up to you! Each station is different and therefore requires unique radio imaging. Just make sure that you stay consistent with your brand. For example, if your station takes on a more serious tone, your sweeper should reflect that.


What is said in your sweeper is just as important as how it's said. This means that not only does your script matter, but the actual voice itself also matters. If you decide to outsource voice talent for your sweeper, be sure it suits your station. If you decide to use your own voice, ensure that you hone your radio voice and properly prepare to record.

How Do I Get My Own Sweeper?

Once you have your script written and you have an idea of your sound, you can preview different voice artists to find the right fit for your sweeper. You can purchase their service, provide your script (with phonetic spelling when necessary), and receive a great sounding radio sweeper!

While there are many different companies that you can turn to in order to get your own sweeper made, we always recommend Benztown for all of your radio imaging needs. As a Live365 broadcaster, you can get in on a special deal to access Benztown's powerful imaging libraries. For more information on the exclusive deal, check out this article.

If you'd rather create your own, Audacity (as well as any other audio editing and recording software) has all of the tools you need to create a professional sounding sweeper. If you need microphone recommendations, check out 5 Top-Rated Microphones for Internet Radio.

Want to learn more about radio imaging? Check out our guide here.

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