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Sarah McLachlan Appears in Parody Ad for Bolt...Without the Sad Puppies

You've seen the infomercials: those heart-wrenching evening spots by the ASPCA encouraging us to do our part to save abused animals with Sarah McLachlan's tear-inducing ballads “Answer” or “Angel” in the background. Over 15 years later, the Canadian singer is advocating for something else frequently abandoned: the online shopping cart.

McLachlan stars in a new Bolt ad, which is a new app designed to help you complete online purchases in one click. In the ad, the singer spoofs her weepy 2007 infomercials, bringing awareness to the many abandoned online shopping carts.

“Every day, 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned at the checkout page,” the singer says in the ad. Images of cute teddy bears left to fend for themselves in metal shopping carts appear on the screen. She continues, “Victims of a cruel and exhausting check-out process.”

Like in her ASPCA ad, McLachlan sits on a comfy-looking couch and pleas viewers to help save the sad, lonely carts, “whose dreams are crushed by questions” such as “is your billing address the same as your home address." Like in her ASPCA spots, there's even a dramatic song to go with the parody infomercial.

But don't worry: the Bolt ad is more than just for fun. The company is also doing its part to support McLachlan’s favorite issue by donating $50,000 to the ASPCA and offering discounted “rescue cart” merch (all less than $1) in their store. Bolt will donate an additional $10 to the ASPCA for every item purchased up to $50,000.

News outlet Fast Company reports the hilarious ad was created by actor Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort agency. Besides the McLachlan ad, it recently released a poorly-timed Peloton spot featuring disgraced Sex & The City star Chris Noth. It's also not the first time McLachlan has been involved in a Maximum Effort-produced ad. For a 2018 Aviation Gin ad, Reynolds said that before each crate of the booze is shipped, it’s “serenaded” by McLachlan. He then thanked the artist on Twitter, revealing he had once bagged her groceries as a teen.

Watch the Sarah McLachlan Bolt ad below.

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Article Image: Sarah McLachlan sits on a couch and serenades a shopping cart with her acoustic guitar in a new ad for Bolt. (Bolt via YouTube.)

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