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The Killers Team Up with Bruce Springsteen on 'A Dustland Fairytale' Remake

Bruce Springsteen joined forces with Brandon Flowers and the rest of The Killers to create a reimagined cut of “A Dustland Fairytale,” the emotional track on The Killers’ 2008 album Day & Age.

The new version is simply called "Dustland" and was shared at midnight ahead of an exclusive performance on The Today Show. "A Dustland Fairytale" was written in the middle of Flowers’ mom’s battle with cancer, and is said to be Bruce's favorite Killers song.

In an Instagram post, Flowers explained how the new song came to be - through a text Springsteen sent him in February 2020. Flowers is a hardcore Boss fan, and The Killer's second album Sam’s Town was notably influenced by records like Born to Run. The two musicians had a conversation last year for Springsteen’s Letter to You Radio, where they discussed their influences and songwriting.

On "A Dustland Fairytale," Brandon Flowers revealed, "It was an attempt to better understand my dad, who is sometimes a mystery to me. To grieve for my mother, To acknowledge their sacrifices and maybe even catch a glimpse of just how strong love needs to be to make it in this world. It was my therapy. It was cathartic.”

"Bruce," he continued, "has written a lot about people like my parents and found a whole lot of beauty in otherwise invisible people’s hopes and dreams. Their struggles, and their losses." "I’m grateful to him for opening this door for me. I’m grateful to my parents for their example to me. Now go find something new out about your dad, give your mom a big hug, and for god’s sake listen to Bruce Springsteen."

The Today Show aired an exclusive interview and performance video of “Dustland” with both Springsteen and the Killers earlier today (June 16).

Watch the performance below.

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Article Image: Bruce Springsteen at "The Promise" premiere in 2010, Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. of The Killers at the Elton John Oscar viewing party in 2019. (arp via DepositPhotos, Kathy Hutchins via Shutterstock.)

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