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Tom DeLonge Producing Paranormal Skateboard Series for TV

Former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge is adapting his 2015 paranormal graphic novel, "Strange Times," into a television series for TBS. DeLonge will produce the series along with executive producers Aaron Karo (who will also serve as a writer), Strike Entertainment's Russell Binder, and the Cartel's Stan Spry and Jeff Holland.

The series will focus on five teenage skateboarders who solve mysteries while being chased by Deep State government agents. The main characters are based on "the tribe of degenerate skateboarders that [DeLonge] grew up with -- right around the same time" that he co-founded post-punk band Blink-182. "Charlie, the main character, is a bit of myself. A boy searching for answers, trying to find a way out of suburbia, but laughing with his ridiculous, irreverent friends along the way."

TBS calls the series "a love letter to punk rock culture and a middle finger to everybody else."

"My love for all things paranormal and skateboarding are sometimes only superseded by my love for offensive humor. This series combines them all into one," DeLonge said. "We hope to create something that could be described as sort of a 'science fiction Disney,' where our entertainment franchises are worlds that are inspired and informed by our own next-generation science division."

"Strange Times" is a dream DeLonge has had for more than a decade, and originated on a fringe news site dedicated to unexplained phenomena. DeLonge's site, To the Stars, has partnered with Simon & Shuster to release the first book in a planned trilogy of young adult sci-fi novels, "Strange Times: The Ghost in the Girl," authored by DeLonge and Geoff Herbach.

Read Tom DeLonge's full interview" over at Variety.

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Article image: Tom DeLonge on September 9, 2011. (Ian T. McFarland [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr.)

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