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Top 10 Best Guns N' Roses Songs

Big hair, tight pants, and sweet guitar riffs. Guns N' Roses rose to fame shortly after the release of their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, in 1987. Then, they plowed through the early '90s with plenty of hits. Curious what our favorites are? Take a look below.

10. Nightrain, "G N' R Lies" (1989)

9. You Could Be Mine, "G N' R Lies" (1989)
8. Don't Cry, "Use Your Illusion I" (1991)
7. Patience, "G N' R Lies" (1989)
6. November Rain, "Use Your Illusion I" (1991)
5. Live And Let Die, "Use Your Illusion I" (1991)
4. Paradise City, "Appetite for Destruction" (1987)
3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door, "Use Your Illusion II" (1992)
2. Welcome To The Jungle, "Appetite for Destruction" (1987)
1. Sweet Child O' Mine, "Appetite for Destruction" (1987)

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